‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Mimi Faust Threatens To Leave Season 5 Reunion After Joseline Hernandez Starts More Drama

The Season 5 reunion show for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is coming up, and it looks like the drama will be high as usual. In a sneak peek shared by VH1, fans see Mimi Faust threatening to leave the reunion altogether when Joseline Hernandez is about to interrupt her interview.

In an effort to keep the fist fights to a minimum this year. Mona Scott-Young and others involved with the LHHATL reunion show decided that certain cast members were not going to share the reunion stage this time around. To be honest, part of that probably stems from the huge amount of drama between Joseline and Stevie J as well as the restraining order he currently has filed against her.

Instead, some of the cast will be doing a confessional style interview for the reunion show, where they get to divulge all the dirt that they know without interruptions from other bothersome cast members.

In the preview posted by VH1, Mimi is seen telling producers, “There’s no problem as long as it’s me and Karlie alone. If there’s someone else joining us that I don’t approve of, I’m not doing it. If you send Satan’s spawn in here I’m gonna get up and walk the f**k out, just know that.”

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Is anyone surprised that no one wants to be around Joseline anymore? After Season 5, the Puerto Rican princess proved that she doesn’t have to throw fists to drive the rest of the cast insane. Instead, she spent some time blackmailing Karlie Redd, turning Mimi against Stevie J, and manipulating Tommie into her bed and then even posting pictures of the LHHATL newbie to prove it.

On the Season 5 finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez threw a drink in Mimi Faust’s face after calling her a “fake a** b***h.” After her plan to ruin Stevie J didn’t work out and Mimi ended up siding with their mutual ex, Joseline was pretty upset. She really thought her plan to get Stevie on child support would make Mimi hate him and it didn’t work.

At this point, Joseline has poked at all the other women on the show and none of them want anything to do with her. That’s not good for her if she wants to be included with the Season 6 cast, especially after all the rumors about just firing everybody and starting over like the Inquisitr originally reported.

Now that Joseline is claiming to be pregnant, her storyline might actually get pretty interesting. Not to mention that All Hip Hop reported that Yung Dro is filming Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. If Stevie J wants nothing to do with her, Joseline might be interesting with the Atlanta rapper in the next season.

It’s a safe bet that if Joseline can find a storyline at all, Mona Scott-Young is going to want her on the show. Right now, Joseline is one of the most popular cast members, despite her violent tendencies and constant rumors that she abuses drugs.

As for Mimi Faust, she has clearly moved on from Stevie J and is dating another woman. The Inquisitr recently reported that Mimi’s new lady is probably WNBA star Tamera Young. The two have featured each other in photos on Instagram. Mimi and Tamera look pretty comfortable with each other, and the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star made it pretty clear that her romance with Chris Gould is more than over.

Be sure to tune in and watch the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 reunion on VH1 on Monday at 8/7c. Tell us what you think of the unavoidable drama in the comments section below.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]