‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Entire Cast Reportedly Fired Over Ongoing Fights As Explosive Reunion Nears

While Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta continues to be the highest-rated reality show of its franchise, producers have reportedly discussed firing the entire cast over endless fights, arguments, and multiple lawsuits being thrown their way.

The drama is most prominent during the reunion shows, and fans who happen to be regular viewers of the show would know that there are always fights breaking out between cast members. According to reports, however, the producers have often found themselves in lawsuits for not preventing the fight in the first place.

In 2014, Joseline Hernandez infamously attacked Benzino and Althea over certain allegations the couple made against the former stripper, which consequently saw Hernandez assault anyone who got in her way. From throwing punches at Althea and Benzino, Joseline ended up running backstage just so that she can attack Stevie’s baby mother, Mimi Faust.

It was a nightmare that brought a lot of lawsuits the show’s way, especially with producers, who would go on to learn that Hernandez was allegedly on drugs at the time of the ambush.

“After the stars, including K. Michelle, Stevie J, and Mimi Faust, caused some major drama ahead of their Season 5 reunion show, apparently everyone on the production team is done dealing with this crew of cast members,” Hollywood Life alleges.

The production crew has had enough dealing with the endless fights they find themselves in. They feel as if the premise of the show has completely shifted in recent seasons, particularly its current one, which has seen cast members do nothing more than argue and fight one another.

The insider adds that executives are desperate to change the format of the franchise, and the only way they are going to be able to do that is by getting rid of its current cast, including Stevie, Mimi, Joseline, and even Scrappy.

While it’s unclear whether the likes of Rasheeda and Kirk Frost will also be receiving the boot — considering that they rarely involve themselves in physical fights — it has become apparent with the production crew that they need to clear some space in order to set some diversity amongst the group.

Love & Hip Hop will hold its reunion taping tomorrow and Wednesday, and from what has been alleged, executives over at VH1 are fearing that they’ll find themselves caught up in yet another brawl.

Fellow cast member Joseline Hernandez has made some strong allegations against her husband, Stevie J, in recent weeks, claiming that she had caught the famous music producer watching gay adult films on her laptop on numerous occasions. The aspiring singer was more or less alluding to the supposed fact that her husband might be gay, and while Stevie has strongly denied those claims, it’s all about to play out during the reunion show.

From what reports have gathered, everyone who works on the set of Love & Hip Hop is already aware that the reunion taping will most likely be the last time they will have to work with Joseline, Mimi, Stevie, and Karlie Redd. The trouble these people have brought to the show in recent years is too much — even for reality TV.

The producers are tired of dealing with lawsuits, but they seem to be sure that another one will follow once Joseline and Stevie come face-to-face for the very first time since the 29-year-old made the allegations that her estranged husband wasn’t attracted to women.

News regarding the entire Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast getting the boot comes just weeks after it was confirmed that executive producer Mona Scott-Young has given her approval for another spinoff — this time, it’s New Orleans.

The spinoff has already begun shooting scenes, and according to reports, the drama is very mellow but entertaining enough to tune in — unlike the Atlanta series, which seems to have done nothing but stereotype the way women of color behave when a camera is aimed at them. At least that’s what fans have stressed on social media, having seen how many fights the cast has found themselves in recent episodes.

The question still remains: Would you still watch the Atlanta franchise with a completely new cast?

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