‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Zakiyah Thinks About Having Babies, Nicole Confirms Her Crush, Michelle Apologizes Over Frank Jealousy [Spoilers]

On Sunday night through early Monday morning, the Big Brother 18 live feeds were unusually tame and quite calm. Nevertheless, there were some intriguing conversations taking place that revealed the true feelings of a number of different houseguests.

According to Joker's Updates, at around 12:03 a.m., Big Brother 18 house time, Zakiyah Everette and Nicole Franzel were snuggled up in bumper cars in the Have Not room. Zakiyah is currently a Have Not, but Nicole, who is lucky enough not to have that designation this week, decided to pay her a visit and talk about crushes, love, and even the subject of having babies.
Apparently, Zakiyah suddenly told Nicole in a somewhat "giggly voice" that she "just thought about having Paulie's babies," reports Joker's Updates. Nicole asked, "Oh, are you in love?"
Zakiyah continued to coquettishly "giggle," reports Joker's Updates, and then said she believes she is more infatuated with Paulie than anything else. Zakiyah also noted, "… I don't know. I definitely have a big crush."
Nicole responded in kind, saying, "I have a crush too," obviously referring to fellow cast member Corey Brooks, who she has been a constant companion of, practically from the commencement of Big Brother 18. The two were initially on a team together (before the team twist was disbanded) and seemed to develop an immediate attraction to one another, resulting in the showmance aptly named "Nicorey."
The showmance between Zakiyah and Paulie Calafiore, also known as "Zaulie," is another Big Brother 18 relationship that has stood the test of Big Brother time along with Nicorey. These pseudo-romances are very similar, as they've both had their ups and downs and often, Zakiyah and Nicole have felt slighted by their partners.

In addition, Zakiyah revealed to Nicole she sometimes feels "timid" and uncomfortable around Paulie, and wants to be the way Nicole is with Corey, presumably more relaxed, Joker's Updates reports.

According to #BB18 Feed Updates, after Zakiyah admitted being shy around Paulie, Nicole told Zakiayh that she too was like that with Corey at the beginning of Big Brother 18, but now couldn't "be more comfortable around him."
As the two women spoke while sitting in bumper cars, they anticipated the arrival of their showmance partners, Paulie and Corey, in the Have Not room. According to Joker's Updates, Zakiyah said to Nicole, "I feel like we're waiting for them to get back home from the club or something."
Earlier on Sunday evening, Michelle Meyer made amends with her arch nemesis, Bridgette Dunning, as they spoke in the kitchen area of the Big Brother 18 house. The two cast members got together and hashed out the reasons why they may have clashed in the first place. They should have been united, as initially, they were chosen to be part of the same team by Big Brother 14 veteran Frank Eudy not long after they entered the Big Brother 18 abode.

According to #BB18 Feed Updates, at around 11 p.m., Michelle admitted to Bridgette she was jealous of Bridgette's relationship with Frank.

This probably came as no surprise to Bridgette, as Michelle had revealed on several occasions to Frank, who kept Bridgette informed about everything, that she [Michelle] felt they had been close in the beginning, but then he seemed to be more interested in getting to know Bridgette and paid less attention to her.
Although not a romantic pair, Bridgette and Frank were virtually together all the time, until he was evicted during last Thursday's live Big Brother 18 episode. Bridgette is now on the chopping block with Paulie, the two being nominated by Paul, the week 6 Head of Household (HOH). Paulie is a pawn and Bridgette can probably breathe easy as well because Paulie won the Power of Veto (POV) and will almost certainly use the medallion to save himself.
The plan then involves Paul nominating Da'Vonne Rogers as Paulie's replacement in order to evict her on Thursday. If Da'Vonne is sent packing this week, she will be the first member of the Big Brother 18 jury.
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