Lady Gaga Lights Up A Fatty Onstage

Lady Gaga took full advantage of Amsterdam’s liberal marijuana use laws, lighting up a blunt onstage at her Born This Way Ball tour stop at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome on Monday.

Let’s be honest. Lady Gaga is insane. Either that, or her artistic expression is simply too far above our comprehension. But all things being equal and the simplest explanation being best, we’re going with the latter. Just look at the increasingly eccentric behavior she has displayed throughout her relatively short career. In just a few years she’s outdone everyone, including herself, so many times that all that is left is avant garde shock value. Like shaving out a chunk of her hair, sleeping in a giant perfume bottle, and getting her neck tattooed live. Like wearing Muslim garb emblazoned with the c-word and adorned with dead animals. And all of that was just last week.

And like toking up on stage at her recent performance in Amsterdam. It’s not that she’s smoking weed in Amsterdam that makes it worth talking about. It’s that she’s doing it to make a statement (read: for attention).

In any case, she inspected a few cigarettes on stage, eventually tossing them aside. She inspected one that she hoped “was real,” deemed it to be a genuine weed cigarette, fired it up, puffed on it a little, and threw the rest of it into the crowd.

The crowd went wild.

Gaga reassured the crowd that a few puffs weren’t enough to get her high, and then shared some marijuana-inspired clothing items because you’d have to be totally straight to do that, right? She also announced that she will be taking the fight for marijuana use all the way to the White House.

“I will one day be meeting with the President, and talking to Oprah in the next day. I will be talking to you about the medical wonders of marijuana,” she said, totally not high at all.

And guess what? It’s on YouTube. Check out Lady Gaga smoking a fatty onstage in Amsterdam below: