Donald Trump’s Paul Manafort Infiltrates America’s Distribution Network With Kremlin Propaganda

Paul Manafort’s interview on Meet The Press this Sunday was packed-full of accusations against Chuck Todd that he was in league with Hillary Clinton for bringing up certain talking points during the interview, presented a bold deflection of what was “important” (his talking points) and what was not (Chuck Todd’s talking points) and in complete denial that he had anything to do with the changes to the Republican Party’s platform in their stance with Ukraine, or that any effort to do so even existed.

According to The Washington Post, during the RNC meeting in the week prior to the convention, a Ted Cruz delegate proposed an amendment to provide lethal support to the Ukraine in order to help them defend themselves against Russian aggression from the Donbass region. But pro-Trump staffers “tabled” then “watered down” the amendment with new language, changing the it from “lethal” to “appropriate assistance”.

The article further provides some insight into the possibility — pointing out Paul Manafort’s 10-year commitment to Viktor Yanukovych, a pro-Putin president of the Ukraine who fled to Russia after the uprising ousted him in 2014 — that he has infiltrated the Trump campaign with Vladimir Putin’s agenda.

To add, it also points to the fact that the Donald Trump campaign has been focused specifically on policy between Ukraine and Russia, in light of a connection the press has been making between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, which many believe will be revealed in his tax returns, should he ever make them public.

Protester wearing shirt of Putin and Trump. [Image by ] Protester wearing shirt of Putin and Trump. [Image by David Goldman/AP Photo ]Paul Manafort’s efforts on public relations during the interview were revealing in themselves as he scattered to try and pull something out of his mental Rolodex, in order to not address the issue to the best of his ability. In another report by The Washington Post which covered the same meeting, a Colorado delegate was trying to unbind other delegates to vote for a different nominee, where the article described that Paul Manafort was hovering around to make sure the anti-Trump group’s efforts were quashed.

Much of these tactics fit into a pattern we’ve already seen here in the United States, but if he’s been an adviser forYanukovych, a figure the international world agreed was largely corrupt, then his public relations skills are certainly something the Trump campaign can use to plant the seed’s of doubt and efficiently, hold their line.

One report on Paul Manafort’s denial of Russian interference in his interview with Meet The Press, according to Inquisitr, not only addresses the connection but it also suggests that without being consistent or even having a platform at all, Donald Trump seems to suddenly know what to do about the relationship between Russia and the Ukraine thanks to Paul Manafort.

Paul Manafort planted by Russian government to run the White House? Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, looks over from the podium. [Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Photo]Paul Manafort’s interview shows that it’s necessary for him to do one as Trump’s campaign manager, even when he accused Chuck Todd of working for the Clinton campaign; as NBC has been as determined as the other major networks to get as much of Donald Trump on their shows as possible.

NBC is also the same network of the reality show The Apprentice, which featured Donald Trump, and is also the same network in league with Univision, a Latino media network that Donald Trump has specifically gone after for canceling one of his deals after calling illegal Mexican immigrants rapists, and who’s Hispanic viewers see Trump negatively.

But they too have something Donald Trump needs and that is mass distribution of his message, so Manafort will still do these interviews and the only thing Paul Manafort has in this case, is a way and channel to keep spinning the campaign’s message as something positive or as retaliation against Trump, no matter what the reason is.

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