‘Preacher’ Season Finale Recap And Spoilers: Custer Calls Heaven, And Hell Breaks Loose

Last week’s episode of AMC’s Preacher titled “Finish the Song” was so full of death that it seemed only fitting to have a season finale dominated by retribution and redemption. If you thought that the “angel fight” at the hotel, which left several piles of bodies on the floor was thrilling, then you would be mistaken to think that the amount of death witnessed in Preacher Episode 9 was any less.

In fact, considering some of the victims involved, “Finish the Song” was one of the bloodiest episodes of the series since airing its first episode on May 22. The epitome of the episode was well choreographed by the character of “The Saint of Killers” (Graham McTavish) after going on a murderous spree following the death of his wife and daughter.


In Preacher Episode 9, there was so much death that even the likes of Emily Woodrow (Lucy Griffiths), who contrary to her character’s description (a “no-nonsense” single mother, waitress, church organist, bookkeeper and Custer’s loyal right hand) appeared to be kind and incapable of participating in murder, fed the mayor to the hungry Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), the vampire.

Preacher’s season finale was something else. Everyone seemed to be paying for their dark past, with Cassidy inside a jail and Carlos (Desmin Borges) inside the trunk of a car with Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and Tulip (Ruth Negga) in control. It did appear as though there was a great deal of retribution going on.

Tulip appears to be determined to make Carlos pay for ruining hers and Custer’s lives, but Custer having been a preacher, is reluctant to exact revenge until he picks up a plastic bag with Carlos’ head inside and tries to shoot him. As this point, Tulip appears to change her mind even though she isn’t willing to admit it.

For a moment, Carlos appears to have ridden his luck and avoided the ultimate punishment that he was due for. However, Tulip and Custer are only trying to play games before they take their revenge. In the end, they hand him a gun and a wrench. He has to choose what to use to atone for his crimes. He chooses to stay alive and goes for the wrench. He beats himself up and then walks away.

Meanwhile, Custer is still intent on calling to heaven using the phone Cassidy stole from the angels, Fiore (Tom Brooke) and DeBlank (Anatol Yusef). He wants God to come down and reveal himself to the faithful inside the church. However, Odin Quinncannon (Jackie Earle Haley) is happy to mock him because he believes that God cannot come down to answer to the preacher’s call.

Nonetheless, using a hand from one of the bodies of the slain angels, Custer manages to get God’s attention. God arrives in with a massive light and fire and wonders why he was called upon. Then the faithful begin to ask all sorts of questions, including Odin, who wants to know whether his daughter made it to heaven. Then God asks Preacher to ask his question. Custer asks what plan God has for him. He wants to know why he was chosen to receive the power he has.

But God tells him that he hasn’t failed and that everyone is saved including Eugene (Ian Colletti), whom Custer accidentally sent to hell. That Eugene question, which God struggles to clarify, exposes him as an imposter. And after Custer uses Genesis to get the truth from him, he admits that God is missing.

Asking of Eugene’s whereabouts also exposes Custer’s involvement in his disappearance and after the truth is put out in the open; he is accused of breaking the law. The faithful are disheartened and one-by-one, they walk out of the church while Odin is left behind ripping it apart.

In the end, everyone’s dark side is exposed, including an imposter God. These events set up the series nicely for Season 2. It is now clear that no one knows where God is, while angels can come to earth at will.

Preacher’s season finale titled “Call and Response” ended with pretty much everyone’s innermost fears exposed, including Odin, who appeared to be holding a mummified figure of his dead daughter at the end. And then, there was an explosion that appeared to take out the entire town including the church.

Based on the comics that AMC’s Preacher is adopted from, there is still a long way to go, which means that fans should brace themselves for Season 2. There is a lot to come from Preacher and The Saint of Killers. According to the comics, these two will get along well down the road, but before that, it will be a bumpy “cat and mouse” game.

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