What Happened To Howard Dean’s Voting Machine Interview With Bev Harris Exposing Election Fraud?

Eleven years ago, former Vermont Governor and DNC Chair Howard Dean sat down with activist and founder of Black Box Voting Bev Harris on CNBC. During the televised interview, Harris showed Dean just how easy it is for one to hack and manipulate a Diebold GEMS voting machine in just 90 seconds. In December 2014, Dean wrote an editorial for Politico citing why he was ready to support Hillary Clinton. During the 2016 convention, Dean was one of the superdelegates to cast his vote for Clinton.

Several aspects of Dean’s 2005 interview with Harris are notable, partly due to how Harris illustrated how easy it is to hack a voting machine. The other reason the interview is notable is how it seems to have all but disappeared from the internet. Every link posted and every search winds up a dead-end. The only references to the 11-year-old interview are found on independent sites with screen caps of the interview. California newspaper Times-Standard, which serves Humboldt County, however, refers to the ease with which hackers can edit vote tallies with the GEMS system.

A video of the interview that was linked to The Brad Blog in 2006 is now private. What was once a widely distributed video that reveals election fraud has proven to be as hard to find as a Sasquatch on a dance floor.

What happened?

Well, Dean has changed. For years, Dean had proposed some form of universal or single-payer health care system to help people who can’t afford insurance get covered. According to The Intercept, Dean spoke favorably of single-payer during an interview with Democracy Now in 2009, saying the system was “economically efficient” because it would reduce bureaucratic red tape.

But then, Dean got a job in the health care lobbying industry and came out in support of Clinton. The former progressive works for law firm Dentons as a Public Policy and Regulations senior advisor, which simply means he lobbies on behalf of his employer’s clients. Lee Fang’s report also reveals that Dean isn’t the only former government official working for the firm.

“Dean is not a lawyer, but neither is Newt Gingrich, who is among the growing list of former government officials and politicians that work in the Public Policy and Regulations practice of Dentons … The Dentons Public Policy and Regulation practice lobbies on behalf of a variety of corporate health care interest, including the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, a powerful trade group for drugmakers like Pfizer and Merck.”

Ever since he began working on behalf of Big Pharma, Dean’s tune regarding single-payer health care has changed dramatically.

In January, Dean told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that a single-payer system would wreak havoc on families.

“Trying to implement it would in fact undo people’s health care. That is something people should be concerned about.”

This is the same critique that Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, made about Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-all proposals. Dean’s claim, however, would lend credence to the accusation since he is a former physician and knows the medical industry.

What does all this have to do with Howard Dean’s missing CNBC interview with Bev Harris?


Bernie Sanders supporters and election watchers have cried foul against the DNC regarding their unfair treatment of Sanders throughout the Democratic primary election. Irregularities between exit polls and the election results in several states were several points off, leading some folks to conclude that rigging took place.

After much searching, and using various search terms, I finally found a story on Counterpunch which references the HBO documentary “Hacking Democracy.” In this May 2016 report, Doug Johnson Hatlem made the case for election fraud against Clinton and the DNC.

“Hundreds of jurisdictions throughout the United States are using voting machines or vote tabulators that have flunked security tests. Those jurisdictions by and large are where former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is substantially outperforming the first full wave of exit polling in her contest against Senator Bernie Sanders.”

The documentary, meanwhile, shows a clip from Dean’s interview with Harris, thereby proving that it did, indeed, once exist on the internet. The clip shows Harris and Dean entering a database that resembles an Excel spreadsheet and changing imaginary election vote tallies, which left the former Vermont governor flabbergasted.

An interview of Howard Dean hacking into Diebold's GEMS system has all but disappeared from the internet. [Photo by Matt Rourke/AP Images]The recent DNC email leaks that exposed the virulent bias and some questionable actions against Bernie Sanders during the primary election gave progressives some hope that Clinton would be forced to concede. Instead, the Democratic establishment doubled down on the nomination, shrugging its collective shoulders about the alleged vote rigging.

And now that Hillary has accepted the nomination, no mention of election fraud or vote rigging is tolerated. Progressives and Sanders supporters are being guilt-tripped into falling in line behind Hillary, a candidate that is most likely not even the true winner of the Democratic primaries.

The presence of Howard Dean’s interview with Bev Harris online hasn’t been completely wiped (perhaps with a cloth?), but it is very difficult to find. After all, showing Hillary Clinton’s fervent supporter hacking a Diebold GEMS system would only provide fuel to the fire of accusations of election fraud, which WikiLeaks essentially rendered unnecessary anyway. Regardless, it is clear that a preponderance of evidence exists to show just how far the Democratic establishment will go to suppress votes, the voice of the people, and any appearances of hypocrisy.

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]