‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Da’Vonne Panics, Veto Plans Are Discussed, And Next Care Package Details Revealed

It has been an exciting week in the Big Brother 18 house, and the week is only halfway over. Da’Vonne Rogers learns that Head of the Household Paul Abrahamian is considering putting her on the block to replace Paulie Calafiore’s nomination. The care package advantage this week could save Da’Vonne from eviction. Little does Da’Vonne know, most of the house is “in on” the plan to get her out of the BB18 house this week.

Online Big Brother reports that James Huling and Paul talk about the upcoming eviction show. Paul tells James that he wants Bridgette Dunning out, but the house really wants him to put Da’Vonne on the block. James doesn’t understand why because Da’Vonne is loyal. Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Paul tells James if he doesn’t want to vote Da’Vonne out, write Bridgette’s name down. “Don’t matter, done,” Paul says.


Later, Paul asks James who he wants to go home this week. James tells him that he is more comfortable evicting Da’Vonne. James reveals later the main reason he is glad Da’Vonne is going on the block is that it keeps Natalie safe another week. Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Mama Day should be on the block tomorrow, and is facing eviction on Thursday’s eviction show.

Big Brother Network reports that Da’Vonne starts to worry that Paulie will take himself off the block, and she could be the re-nom choice. She decides to talk to Paul about it, so she plans if she needs to campaign to stay this week. Paul doesn’t deny that she could go on the block, and reveals that he needs her to go on the block because “she won’t freak out.” She tries to get him to put Nicole Franzel on the block, but he refused to talk about it. Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal that Paul reassures Da’Vonne that she isn’t going home — Bridgette is.


No one expected Da’Vonne to throw Zakiyah Everette under the bus and suggest her name as a possible re-nom. Big Brother 18 spoilers suggests that is exactly what she did. She explained that Zakiyah has never been on the block. Paul refuses to consider it because of the backlash with Paulie, plus he feels that Zakiyah would “freak out.”

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Da’Vonne goes downstairs and comes unhinged. She cries to Zakiyah that she thinks she is going on the block. She says that she has “a feeling that she’s the target.” Zakiyah says they should “be untouchable” and is angry that they’d consider putting her up. They decide they don’t trust anyone in the house but each other.

“I don’t understand what I’ve done to be on the block? I haven’t even begun even playing this game yet. I could understand if all my dirt was catching up to me, but I haven’t done anything.”

Joker Updates reports that Paul asks Bridgette who she wants to target if she wins Head of Household. At first, she was scared to say but eventually whispered James and Natalie’s name. “But Michelle and Nicole are getting close too–so annoying,” Bridgette whispers.


Later, Bridgette goes to talk to Paul about the plans for Veto. He tells her the plan worked out, and Da’Vonne will go up and go home in a few days. Bridgette thanks him for saving her because after Frank Eudy had left she thought she was destined to leave the Big Brother house this week. Paul tells Bridgette not to get involved with the gossip between Da’Vonne and Nicole.

Week 2 care package will get a special power in the Big Brother 18 game. They will be able to eliminate two of the houseguest votes on eviction night. It could flip the house if the voting is a close or a tie. Because the voting ends August 5, the winner can use it begining August 11. Any votes cast for Bridgette or the replacement nominee will not count if they are evicted from the Big Brother house this week.


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