Fort Worth School Refuses To Aid Autistic Boy With Asthma Due To Lack Of Paperwork [Video]

Fort Worth, TX – Parents of an autistic elementary school student are angry because a teacher refused to offer medical aid to their son during an asthma attack, the proper paperwork was not on file. Ivan Toro, the father of the 8-year-old boy, said his child has been in an out of the hospital since the incident happened a week ago. The father blames the lack of treatment by Crowley ISD staff for his son’s lingering health issues, according to CBS 11 News.

The young Texas boy is in a special needs classroom and does not speak. The concerned parents were reportedly told by school officials that the teacher followed proper procedure and was not authorized to give treatment since the medical administration forms were not on file with the school.

Ivan Toro has this to say about his autistic son’s asthma attack:

“I just want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Because there are special kids in that classroom, and a lot of them are non-verbal. You have to initiate that treatment right away because if you don’t he can relapse so quickly.”

The school did accept the medicine that the father had taken to school that morning because his son had been congested. During an interview with CBS 11 News, Toro stated he did not realize his son would not be cared for if a situation arose before the medication administration authorization form was completed. The parents were reportedly contacted two hours after the asthma attack and told the school to call 911 because the teacher refused to administer treatment, The Blaze notes. The dad has since completed the paperwork which will ensure his son would treated should another health issue arise at school.