iPhone 7 Video Appears To Show Lack Of Headphone Jack

Another alleged iPhone 7 video has emerged to show off one of the rumored features (or lack thereof, rather). This one from YouTube channel EverythingApplesPro claims to show a “hands on” with the new iPhone 7 EarPods — the company’s brand of earbuds. It has been rumored for quite some time that the iPhone 7 would ship without a headphone jack, requiring users to use the Lightning port or Bluetooth to use headphones. While it doesn’t get into the Bluetooth functionality, Lightning use is exactly what the video shows. Take a look:


There’s no telling if this video is authentic or just another example of someone trying to pull a fast one on interested Apple enthusiasts and others who can’t wait to see what the tech giant is going to offer in September, but it does line up with rumors that have been circling for a good while and escalating more recently.

Interestingly enough, people generally don’t seem to be very big on the idea of an iPhone 7 without a headphone jack. As many complain in the comments on the YouTube video, it’s going to make it impossible to charge your device while listening to music or to a streaming video if you’re using the Lightning port for audio. That doesn’t sit well with some. While Apple is certainly no stranger to controversies related to new releases (Antennagate and the dropping of Google Maps come immediately to mind), I do find it hard to believe that the company hasn’t thought of this and doesn’t have a plan to address it.

“On another note, it’s also been rumored that Apple will ship a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter for free with every iPhone 7 purchase,” writes Yoni Heisler at BGR. “If this rumor pans out, it would be a welcome gesture from Apple given that they’re abandoning a universally used port with something proprietary….providing an adapter on the house is just smart business, especially in light of shrinking iPhone sales.”

Those shrinking sales have a lot of investors on edge, and have put a great deal of pressure on Apple to deliver something that people are really going to want to buy. The company usually tends to exceed expectations when pessimism rears its head, but so far, most people in the tech industry don’t seem overly impressed with the details that have leaked or been rumored regarding the iPhone 7 thus far.

Gizmodo has a pretty good round-up of the leaks and rumors, painting a picture of what you can expect to see from September’s launch. Obviously you can’t take any of it as gospel, but if you just can’t wait for the official unveiling, this will give you a good idea of what’s likely coming your way.

“Right now, all leaks point to the iPhone 7 looking very similar to the iPhone 6s, which looked identical to the iPhone 6 the year before,” Gizmodo’s Darren Orf writes. “It’s a weird bubble of hypocrisy where people jab at other companies for not changing up their design year-after-year yet Apple always gets off scot-free. An all-metal design, LCD display, all-glass front display is what we think is staying the same. But much like the last year’s iPhone 6s, there are some tweaks if you know where to look.”

There have been conflicting reports about when the iPhone 7 will likely be released. Inquisitr recently reported on comments made on Twitter by VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass, whom CNBC refers to as “a prominent Apple watcher with an accurate track record of predicting the tech giant’s releases.” Blass believes the iPhone 7 will be released the week of September 12. More specifically, he thinks it will be Friday, September 16.

[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]