‘BB18’ News: Who Is The Most Popular Houseguest Of Season?

This BB18 news reveals who the most popular houseguest of the 2016 season has become. The first BB18 care package was awarded to Natalie Negrotti, suggesting that CBS viewers are big fans. She hasn’t topped any of the recent popularity polls, though, which might show that her showmance with James Huling could have played a part in this vote by America.

A report from fan site Big Brother Network outlined how care packages will work for the rest of the season. Each week, a different houseguest will be selected by fans through a public vote. The winner will receive a care package with the prize assigned to that week. Natalie received a “Never Not Pass” in her care package, meaning she won’t have to sleep in the bumper cars, eat slop, or have cold showers for the rest of the summer. It’s the last time Natalie can win a care package on Big Brother 18.

So is Natalie Negrotti the most popular houseguest in BB18? Recent polls conducted by Big Brother Network seem to disagree with that assessment. It could be simply that CBS viewers didn’t want Natalie to have to go through another week of being a Have Not in the BB18 house. Her popularity is certainly on the rise, with 3.4 percent of online fans voting her as a favorite two weeks ago and now 5.65 percent feeling that way. She has passed Paul Abrahamian and Paulie Calfiore in that regard.

The most popular BB18 houseguest continues to be James Huling, who has been at the top of the list for a while now. He is at 31.52 percent, down slightly from 32.1 percent the previous week. Frank Eudy has seen a spike in popularity, maybe because fans were paying more attention to him as it looked like he was guaranteed to be evicted. Nicole Franzel also continues to see a lot of fan support, with 11.42 percent of voters declaring her as their favorite this past week.

As for the houseguests taking big hits in their popularity numbers, Paulie Calafiore and Paul Abrahamian are sliding down the lists. Paulie was the fourth most popular houseguest during Week 4, but slipped to sixth with just 5.41 percent of the vote this week. Paul fell to just 3.83 percent, sliding in at seventh in the latest poll.

The least popular person in the BB18 house is Zakiyah Everette, with 0.84 percent of the vote. She is just behind Michelle Meyer (1.19 percent) and Victor Arroyo (1.7 percent). As for the least popular houseguest of the entire season, that award goes to Jozea Flores, who continues to hold the bottom spot in all polls. He certainly won’t get a call for any future All-Star versions of the show.

It could be very interesting to see if the next BB18 news about care packages reveals James Huling as the winner. The next care package will allow a houseguest to eliminate two eviction votes, possibly swinging a vote between the two nominees this week. That would only be intriguing if the BB18 house doesn’t remain transfixed with evicting Bridgette Dunning on Thursday night (August 4). Could James (or another winner of the care package) use the power to shock the rest of the house?

There are some additional Big Brother 18 spoilers that have been revealed this weekend, so readers who don’t want to learn those secrets should stop at this point. The Veto competition took place on Saturday (July 30), with Paulie Calafiore winning the power. He can now take himself off the block or allow the nominations to remain the same. It is also a perfect opportunity for the BB18 house to backdoor someone like Da’Vonne Rogers, who has been losing the support of her alliances recently.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]