Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Engaged: Jeremy Monetizes His Blog With Congratulations Videos From Family

The Duggar family is celebrating another engagement as Jinger Duggar says “yes” to Jeremy Vuolo. With the new season of Counting On just around the corner, it seems TLC is capitalizing on Jinger’s relationship by going ahead with an engagement announcement. While the next season of Counting On will likely focus on Jinger’s courtship and lead up to the highly anticipated engagement, it will also almost certainly secure another season which can focus on wedding planning and ultimately Jinger’s big wedding day. Therefore, it seems that Jinger Duggar has single-handedly secured at least two more seasons of Counting On for the Duggar clan. However, it isn’t just the Duggars and TLC that will profit off of the new season of the series — it seems that Jinger’s man, Jeremy, is also utilizing his new fame to monetize his blog.

Jeremy Vuolo has a personal blog, which he used to announce his courtship to Jinger and to detail exactly how they first met. He has used the blog to plug the upcoming season of Counting On and has done his future son-in-law duty by ensuring all “exclusive” videos link back to the Duggar Family’s YouTube page, which is also monetized for the family. Vuolo’s blog is filled with content regarding his recent engagement to Jinger Duggar with videos of his parents and grandparents congratulating the couple, along with his own personal reaction to his upcoming nuptials.

With Counting On gearing up for another season, eager Duggar fans are flocking to the family’s blogs to gain insight into what they may expect to see in the upcoming season. Therefore, it should come as no surprise, that Vuolo would use the momentum of the new season to monetize his own blog as he constantly updates readers on the latest information about his relationship with Jinger, something Duggar fans can’t seem to get enough of as they family attempts to put past bad press behind them.

Vuolo has placed ads on the sidebar of his blog posts along with a prominent ad spot in the center of the homepage. The ads are standard “ads by Google,” and rotate based off of a user’s past search history. Therefore, advertisers on Jeremy Vuolo’s page are likely not aware they are being promoted on Duggar content. Instead, the rotating ads are solely based on user-generated content from web search history. The case is the same for the Duggar family’s YouTube page. Advertisers who have promised not to promote the family or run ads on any Duggar programming on TLC have appeared on YouTube ads due to way ads are generated based on user preferred content.

Therefore, it seems the Duggar family, and the future Duggar son-in-law, have found creative ways to continue to monetize their content despite advertisers promising not to run spots on Duggar programs via TLC. It is unclear exactly how TLC plans to monetize the family on the network going forward. However, the network has used the same type of user-based Google ads on their website, as well as exclusive TLC videos, which seems to circumvent the standard advertiser ban. They have also heavily used Counting On to promote other TLC shows that are still funded by advertisers.

What do you think about Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s engagement announcement? Do you think Jinger has easily secured at least two more season on TLC for the Duggar family?

[Image via YouTube/TLC]