‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Will Feature A Two-Night, Drama-Filled Reunion [Spoilers]

Shahs of Sunset is winding down, and the reunion has already been shot, and will air in two parts this week. With Shahs of Sunset, things get seriously heated on a weekly basis, so put all of the Shahs in one room for hours, and it’s hard to imagine the results. With Mike’s failing marriage, GG’s RA questions, and Mercedes’ pending marriage to Tommy, there is more than enough to talk about at a reunion, and as usual, Reza has an opinion on all of these things and more. It’s a fair bet that someone will walk off the Shahs reunion set in a huff.

According to the Inquisitr, one of the themes of Shahs of Sunset that has run through the whole season is the end of Mike and Jessica’s marriage. Jessica saw texts and correspondences online between Mike and other women, and this added up with the other things that she was hearing. Mike has admitted that he was not a good husband, but realizes the error of his ways, and has said this season that he would do anything for another chance. But sadly, Mike’s mistress has penned a book about her time with Mike Shouhed.

People Magazine says that the Shahs of Sunset reunion will be full of fireworks, and the loudest Shahs voice, GG, will have her 15 minutes. First up in the Shahs reunion will be the longest running theme, which is Mike and Jessica’s marriage. All of the Shahs want to know why Mike lied for months about the cheating and what was really going on.

“I wanted to fix what the f*** was going on. Why? Because I was trying to protect Jessica,” says Shouhed. “It’s really sad. I f***ed up.”

But Reza, the Shahs spoiler states, feels the need to add that the whole time Mike was working to get Jessica back, she was dating someone else, who is now facing prison time in another matter. But Mike was not going to let Reza or anyone talk smack about Jessica.

“One thing I will not stand for is s*** talking about my wife.”

But before the subject on the Shahs of Sunset reunion turns to GG and her RA, an unexpected fight breaks out between Asa and Mercedes. It’s unknown at this time what the two are quarreling about, but it gets heated before the talk turns to GG being angry that some of the Shahs, her friends, even doubted that she had RA. It seems there was something that was not revealed to Shahs of Sunset audiences about GG’s fight to get some sympathy from her friends. Reportedly, this information will be revealed at the Shahs of Sunset reunion.

Yibada is reporting that Mercedes and Tommy’s engagement, and if it is still on is on topic of conversation on the Shahs of Sunset reunion. Mercedes says that despite her mother Vida’s disapproval, she is going forward. But first, Bravo shared a synopsis of the final episode of the season of Shahs of Sunset.

“Ecstatic with joy, MJ accepts Tommy’s marriage proposal, despite Vida’s disapproval. Reza and Adam share an illuminating conversation about having kids, and Mike makes the tough decision to move forward without Jessica. At the explosive unveiling of Asa’s photography project, old battle wounds are opened, and Reza and GG hit a point of no return.”

But at the end of the Shahs of Sunset reunion, has anything changed, and is anything solved? The Shahs of Sunset reunion will run for two nights straight, and some interesting information will be revealed.

Will you watch the Shahs of Sunset reunion?

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