‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Mike Shouhed Talks Cheating, Lies And Jessica Parido [Spoilers]

Shahs of Sunset finally revealed the truth about the demise of Mike Shouhed’s marriage to Jessica Parido on the Shahs trip to Belize. Mike Shouhed was in a state, while wife Jessica was a no-show in Belize, and the rest of the Shahs were not going to let up until they knew what really happened between Mike and Jessica. Buzz has gone on for the last year that the marriage of Mike and Jessica, the first big Shahs wedding couple, was done as a result of Mike’s canoodling with a variety of other women, including one who wrote a book.

According to the Inquisitr, Mike Shouhed of Shahs of Sunset has been very stressed out, as it was only a matter of time before his mistresses started coming forward with details of his stepping out on Jessica Parido. One mistress in particular has written a book, My Nights With the Shah, that details her sex life with Mike Shouhed. When your mistress publishes a book with photos, it is only a matter of time before your wife finds out.

But like his sexual dealings with GG on their trip to Thailand, it seems to take Mike Shouhed a long time before he actually can verbalize the truth. Tamaratattles reports that on the whole “Trouble in Paradise” starts with Mike putting off the truth for quite a while, claiming that he is flirty, but not a cheater. Hmmm, Mike. Mike explains to the Shahs of Sunset crew that the world knows he’s married, so who would cheat with him.

“These are all allegations. The entire world knows I’m married. I didn’t keep it a secret.”

Reza and Asa aren’t buying it, but Shervin, bless his heart, believes his buddy, Shah Mike Shouhed, and moves on. Reza decides to dial up Jessica, to get some additional information to either fuel the fire, or put the drama to rest, but as this is Shahs of Sunset, the flame of course is turned up. Confronted, Mike continues to lie, and attempt to save face.

“Mike says Jessica is lying. She’s not. Mike says Reza gets his thrills from schadenfreude. Mike is furious that Reza is doing this on camera. He attempts to stop filming. He forgets that he is stilled wearing a microphone even though he is behind closed doors.”

Finally, Mike confesses to Reza and producers that he cheated, and messed up.

“This mistake was catastrophic.”

The Daily Mail says that Shahs of Sunset Mike Shouhed finally came clean and said that he was a bad husband, and that he cheated on wife Jessica Parido. For a while, Mike was holding firm, but finally, he confesses.

“I have somebody who I love dearly and I made mistakes, I was a bad husband and these text messages you alluded to … you know, there were text messages. And I f***ed up and I feel horrible about it and it has been eating at me.”

Mike also says that he has never been in the position where he cared for someone, and they didn’t care for him, or he wanted to be with someone who broke it off with him, and so the frustration he feels towards Jessica is quite unfamiliar.

Off camera, Shahs of Sunset producers finally put the question to Mike Shouhed, asking him if he cheated on Jessica, and they didn’t want the party line, they seemed to want him to confess what they already knew.

“I can’t hide it then, it is true. I have never wanted somebody who didn’t want me back, I have never loved somebody this much where I would be willing to shoot myself in the head if it made her happy.”

Mike claims that he wants to be able to absorb all of Jessica’s pain, and feel it for himself rather than have her be upset. Too bad for Mike that things will only get worse from here on Shahs of Sunset.

Did you know that Mike Shouhed on Shahs of Sunset had been lying this whole time about cheating on Jessica?

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