WWE News: Several WWE Superstars Upset That Brock Lesnar Has Been Exempt From Wellness Policy Testing

It was noted earlier this month that Brock Lesnar performed at UFC 200 after having failed now two drug tests that were administered by the USADA. He passed a number of them before the event went down, however due to the fact that he came in so late to the party, some of the tests would not be back until after the event ended. One even came out about a week after, which Mark Hunt, Lesnar’s UFC 200 opponent. was not happy to see.

Hunt automatically pointed to steroids and even mentioned this before the two even fought. Most would say that being out-wrestled and barely landing a strike on Lesnar had nothing to do with steroids in the first place, but Hunt felt cheated and let the world know his frustration. Finally the rumors came out that Lesnar did not test positive for steroids, but rather an estrogen blocker. This can help increase testosterone and most assume it is pretty healthy to use. In fact, most men actually use it to help with fertility more often than not.

Clearly a late 30s Brock Lesnar might need to increase testosterone to help him train and perform better, as a man can begin to lose it at age 30 and beyond. That said, he had to test positive for something being elevated or some sort of substance being in his urine or blood. That said, Lesnar obviously had too much testosterone possibly in his system. Most feel that won’t help him in a fight, but rather just help him in training. However, there is no immediate case to prove or disprove this.

Lesnar Hunt
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UFC decided not to fine Brock Lesnar for the failed test, but he very well could get some sort of punishment from the NSAC or NYSAC. On top of this, many wondered if WWE might also suspend Brock because their Wellness Policy forbids a talent from taking performance enhancing drugs or drugs of almost any kind — without prescription, of course. Since it was publicly noted that he failed the drug test, it seemed obvious that WWE would suspend Lesnar or fine him at the very least. However, neither have occurred.

The WWE told TMZ that all part-timers are exempt from the Wellness Policy, therefore Brock Lesnar would not have any sort of punishment handed out to him over his failed USADA drug test due to the policy they had in place. This list of part-time stars exempt from the policy include people like The Rock, Undertaker, and even Triple H.

According to Ringside News, many WWE Superstars are said to be quite upset about the fact that Lesnar is not going to be punished. Some believe it makes the company look bad, especially after WWE Superstar Roman Reigns failed a drug test himself when he was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. At least for Reigns, he was suspended by the WWE for his failed test. No real heat is on Reigns other than the pure disappointment with management and fans.

Reigns Lesnar WM31
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The most interesting part in it all is that Lesnar does not wrestle nearly as much as people like Reigns. He’s had about 14 matches in the four year WWE comeback compared to around 1,000 that Reigns has had. Some would claim that at least in the case of Reigns and others, there is a need for something to help get through all of that whereas Lesnar doesn’t really need anything. While drugs clearly are by no means allowed, there is at least an understanding somewhere with people on the road for 300 days a year.

The funniest part of it all is that Brock Lesnar had the grapefruits to talk negatively about Roman Reigns and then Jon Jones at a UFC press conference when asked about their failed tests. Interestingly, Brock tested positive for the same substance that removed Jones from his fight with Daniel Cormier at the UFC 200 event.

While it is unknown if Brock Lesnar really needed anything to get bigger or better for his fight at UFC 200, he did test positive. Many think that if any sort of punishment is handed out to Jones or Reigns or anyone for a failed test, Lesnar should also have to get some sort of punishment thrown his way. Interestingly, it is rumored that WWE still has Lesnar in to win against Randy Orton at WWE SummerSlam later next month.

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