Bernie Sanders Delegate’s Credentials Stripped By DNC For Holding ‘No TPP’ Sign — Other Alternate Voices Gagged By Mainstream Media

Bernie Sanders’ delegates are not pleased with how the DNC shut off their voices during the convention in Philadelphia.

Several Sanders’ supporters took their protests to the floor of the convention in light of the damning Wikileaks hack which confirmed DNC’s collusion with the Clinton campaign in derailing the Vermont senator’s chances during the primary season. While protesters gathered in numbers outside the Wells Fargo Center to register their disillusion with the process of Clinton’s coronation, DNC was still eager to present a united front to the world outside.

Despite deep fissures between the support bases, DNC sought to showcase a fabricated picture of Democratic unity and even went to the lengths of shutting out all possible avenues of protest which seemed to signify otherwise.

Now one Bernie delegate from Arkansas, Frank Klein, is alleging that his credentials were stripped from him after he held a protest sign during President Obama’s speech Wednesday night, reports Democracy Now.

“I’m Frank Klein. I’m a 61-year-old delegate from Arkansas Congressional District 4. I’m here to represent my—I’m a Bernie delegate. They had told me, because I held up a ‘No TPP’ sign during the Obama speech—I didn’t yell, I didn’t make a commotion, I just held up a sign—that it’s against DNC rules for me to use an unofficial sign, and they refused to give me my credentials to go to the convention on the fourth day. I feel like this is a violation of my constitutional rights to free speech.”


While Klein’s case might be one which explicitly portrays how the DNC did not even relent at sabotaging voices protesting Hillary Clinton’s selection as the official Democratic nominee, there were allegedly other differing voices which were completely buried by the DNC in collusion with, namely the mainstream media.

Throughout the course of the speeches, mainstream media channels did not focus on the wave of protests sweeping the convention. At times, there were entire pockets of the arena which which were filled with protesting voices, and yet, these scenes hardly ever made their way to your TV.

For example, when retired four-star Marine General John Allen — who the media described as a military strategist who knows more about ISIS than anyone else in America — took the stage Thursday night, shouts of “No more wars” filled the Wells Fargo Center.

Alternate voices, seeking to explain why such protests were taking place in the first place, were supposedly never given any air time. Norman Solomon, a Bernie delegate from California, said that supporters were tired of listening to pseudo-patriotic rhetoric and wanted to vent their frustration.

“General John Allen, one of the top generals of the U.S. so-called war on terror, is giving a stem-winder, boilerplate militaristic speech, and many Bernie delegates in the California delegation and elsewhere around this arena are responding by saying we just don’t want any more wars. And all of this pseudo-patriotic rhetoric coming out is lethal, it’s deadly, and we’re sick and tired of it. We’re not going to give Hillary Clinton a nanosecond of political honeymoon, and that time starts right now.”

Henry Huerta, another Sanders’ supporter from California, said that Clinton would definitely lead the United States to another war.

“My name is Henry Huerta. I’m from Whittier, California. We’re holding the signs that say ‘No More Wars.’ We believe that Hillary, if elected, is going to lead us into a war. We may lose a lot of it—a lot of people of color, particularly Latino and black, that are going to be promoted in this war. You could see that this is being promoted by ‘U.S.A.’ This is the chant to lead us to war. People will be killed. Innocent people will be bombed on.”

While the protests inside the Wells Fargo Center continued throughout the four days of the convention, protesters outside were also simultaneously venting out their frustration at what many of them perceived as the climax of a rigged primary season. With the pile of allegations stacked against DNC’s intentional derailment of the Sanders’ campaign, coupled with the seemingly brutish arrogance of Clinton and her aides in allegedly refusing to acknowledge the corrupt process, protesters were letting it known that the only recourse left available to them was #Demexit.

Carla Strozzieri, a Bernie supporter, said the course of events leading up to the Democratic National Convention had proved to her that the DNC is not a neutral establishment.

“My sign says ‘Demexit,’ and it’s basically borrowed from the Brexit, which we recently saw in Britain. This is an idea that’s been stirring for a while among Bernie supporters, which basically has to do with that if Bernie would not get a fair shake at the convention, then we vowed to come here as Democrats, but to basically leave the party and no longer, you know, affiliate ourselves with the party afterwards.”

Bernie supporters allege that they were gagged at DNC. Bernie supporter at Democratic National Convention. [Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]These are just some of the voices symbolic of the widespread discomfiture that has swept through Bernie supporters, as well as traditional Democrats and progressives, who have been spellbound by the almost unprecedented manner in which the DNC, the mainstream media and Clinton’s campaign have worked together to shut off all possible channels of dissent.

Pro-Clinton delegates, on their part, will continue to paint these widespread protests as only something concocted by fringe elements, but anyone who has shed a neutral eye at the Philadelphia convention may tell you it was anything but a smooth sail for Hillary Clinton.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]