Did Bill Clinton Refuse To Share A Balloon With This Little Girl? [Video]

Bill Clinton seemed so fascinated with balloons that he appeared to grab one away from a little girl on the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

As social media took notice, Clinton perhaps seemed more enamored with playing with the balloons that dropped from the rafters to the stage of the Wells Fargo Center Thursday night than portions of his wife’s presidential nomination acceptance speech, during which he appeared to have nodded off.

The RT website provided a satirical summary of what happened when Bill Clinton took his balloon and went home.

“Somewhere in the backstage area, along with Hillary, Huma Abedin, and other staffers and supporters, Bill Clinton carried off his prized balloon – a blue one covered in stars. A little girl in a matching patriotic dress took notice and, assuming that Bill was handing it to her, attempted to take the balloon. The 69-year-old man from Hope, Arkansas yanked it back immediately, leaving the girl with a look of, ‘Well then.'”

According to those who were keeping track on the internet, Hillary Clinton reportedly cleared her throat 22 times during her oration. Incidentally, that’s about the same number of times in her prepared remarks that she mentioned rival Donald Trump, who received about 2.4 million more viewers for his nationally televised address at the GOP conclave in Cleveland a week ago Thursday.


The balloon drop is a traditional and ceremonial feature of the finale of political nominating conventions, and 10,000 of them descended on nominee Hillary Clinton, the nominee’s entourage, and the delegates in the arena at the DNC this time around.

“And the DNC’s spectacle this year was particularly grand. It even incorporated a bevy of giant, 36-inch diameter balloons—a first for any convention, according to Roseann DeFalco, one of the balloon professionals on the inflation squad—several of which attracted the attention of Bill Clinton,” Wired explained.


“Of all the people in the world…no one was filled with more joy than the Clintons when it started raining patriotic balloons of various sizes. The sight of each new balloon enthralled and excited them like it was a completely new thing,” Time detailed.

Bill Clinton, however, may not have wanted to share, Twitchy quipped about the footage embedded below.

“Watch as this sad child thinks the former president will let her have the nice keepsake — I’m with her and all — but at the last second, he literally snatches it away from her.

Rather than keeping the balloon for himself, a spokesperson for Bill Clinton claimed on Friday that the ex-POTUS gave the balloon in question to his granddaughter, Charlotte.


Separately, news has emerged that the Hillary Clinton campaign along with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reportedly were hacked. The latest hacks come several days after WikiLeaks released thousands of DNC emails suggesting that party insiders attempted to undermine the insurgent presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton, including collusion with news outlets to make Bernie and his campaign look bad. That development alienated Bernie Sanders convention delegates as well as protesters in the fenced off security perimeter outside the convention.


According to Yahoo News, the FBI alerted the Hillary Clinton campaign in March that it was being targeted for a cyber attack but the campaign was allegedly unwilling to cooperate with authorities. A federal investigation into the hack, which allegedly originated in Russia, is underway.

“The new disclosure…that hackers gained access to the full DCCC network means they would have had access to everything on the network from emails to strategy memos and opposition research prepared to support Democratic candidates in campaigns for the House,” Reuters reported.

All this is happening against the backdrop of the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server rather than a presumably more secure dot.gov account to conduct government business while she was a member of the Obama administration as U.S. Secretary of State. While describing the process as extremely careless, FBI Director James Comey declined to bring criminal charges against Mrs. Clinton.

Donald Trump made headlines, and even was accused of treason when he sarcastically (according to him) called upon Russia to produce thousands of deleted Hillary Clinton emails that she previously insisted were just about personal matters such as recipes, birthdays, and yoga classes.

[Photo by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]