Arizona Man Arrested Immediately Upon Leaving Jail Twice But Never Once Charged With A Crime

There are numerous statistics out there for people who go to jail and those that end up becoming repeat offenders. One man from Arizona may have actually skewed the statistics in a big way thanks to what recently happened to him. Not only was he arrested but he was then released, arrested, released again, and then arrested once more. The strangest part of that whole story is that he was never once charged with a crime.

According to the Desert Sun, 61-year-old Loy Ramirez has been in the Banning jail nearly two weeks, but it wasn’t without a lot of confusion as to why he was there. Ramirez still has yet to be charged with a crime and has had an emergency writ filed by his public defender in hopes of being freed.

Tom Cavanaugh is the head of the Public Defender’s Office in Indio and they are not happy with the way things have transpired for Mr. Ramirez.

“It is clearly not the intent of the Legislature that a government can play this game. By this reasoning, you could incarcerate somebody for the rest of their life in this way.”

Technically, they have a point as a person can be held for so long after an arrest without being charged with a crime. By releasing Ramirez and then immediately arresting him again, the prison is actually able to keep him incarcerated without bringing forth an actual charge.

Palm Springs police have said that the repeat arrests were warranted and that it was a “common procedure” put in place when a case needs to be built.

The multiple releases and arrests of Loy Ramirez were done so that a substantial case against him could be built without losing track of him. Palm Springs Police Department spokesman Sgt. William Hutchison said that they were working on contacting the alleged victim and keeping a close eye on their suspect.

In this case, the biggest problem is getting in touch with the victim.

“Our victim is homeless and it is often challenging to get in touch with the homeless because they do not always stay in the same place. In this case we have utilized a common procedure to re-arrest the suspect on two occasions in order to give us time to locate the victim and attempt to finalize the investigation for the DA.”

Mike Hestrin is the District Attorney and he didn’t even know what was going on with the Palm Springs police and Loy Ramirez. Once he was alerted of the situation, he said it was quite concerning that the man was being released and re-arrested just so a case could be built against him.

He has seen the practice of releasing a suspect and then arresting them again weeks later once a case is built against them. Seeing a suspect re-arrested at the gates of the jail multiple times for the specific idea of building a case is something that he doesn’t condone.

“I don’t want to speculate as to the Palm Springs officers’ motivations. But if what you are saying is the facts of the case, then I wish they would have notified us. We could have discussed other options.”

The situation has brought forth a lot of conversation on Reddit as some of those commenting go into the legality of the situation and how overbooking in some prisons is said to be a problem. While some cities and states complain of overbooking, there is the case of Loy Ramirez who is set free but keeps taking up another cell due to be re-arrested.

loy ramirez arizona prison arrested twice released crime charged [Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images]As of Thursday afternoon, Ramirez was still in the custody of the Banning jail after having been arrested three times and never charged with a crime. His record now shows that he was arrested on July 16, July 21, and then July 26.

The case of Loy Ramirez is one that is quite odd as there is very little information about any of his three arrests since he was never actually charged with a crime. The Arizona man does have some prior convictions, but this recent stint of three arrests in a short period of time is one that has a lot of mystery surrounding it.

[Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]