‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: ABC Spoils Grant Kemp Proposal, Who Is The Lucky Girl?

It is almost time for Bachelor in Paradise and spoilers are already coming out like crazy. Grant Kemp will be on the show trying to find love once again, and it turns out that things go great for him. Hollywood Life shared that ABC actually spoiled that Grant proposes at the end of the show. In the preview video, you can see the tattoo of a guy that is down on one knee. It turns out that this guy is Grant Kemp based on the tattoo on his arm. ABC probably wasn’t thinking about that when they posted this preview. Of course, the fans notice things like that right away.

Mike Fleiss already shared that more than one proposal happens this season, but he didn’t say that Grant Kemp was one of them. When they did the preview for Bachelor in Paradise, you can tell that it is Grant Kemp, though. The tattoo is “CCLXVIII.” It turns out that this tattoo is the one that Grant Kemp got for an ex-girlfriend. Grant’s tattoo is for the flight number that he met her on, but obviously, their relationship didn’t work out long-term. There were rumors flying that he dumped her simply to be on the show, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

In the preview above at the 2:40 mark, you can see Grant Kemp down on one knee. It is obvious that this is Grant and that he is popping the question. They did a great job of hiding who the girl is, and all that you can see of her is her clothes. Reality Steve actually shared the spoilers about who Grant Kemp is engaged to now. Grant Kemp ends up falling in love with Lace Morris on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. These two seem to be doing great so far.

On the big finale of the show, Grant Kemp will end up going on an overnight date with Lace Morris. These two are getting along so great that they go and get tattoos that are of the word “Grace.” This isn’t meant to be religious, though. Instead, it is a combination of both of their names. If this doesn’t work out, at least this tattoo won’t look like it was for someone else. It would only take a little bit of research to figure out what Grant’s tattoo means, though.

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris are not the only couple to get engaged at the end of Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. There will actually be two more couples that leave engaged as well. Grant and Lace only knew each other for 18 days before he proposed. It will be interesting to see if they can make it work, but only time will tell. They will have to get to know each other a lot better after the show ends.

Last season on Bachelor in Paradise, Jade Roper found love with Tanner Tolbert. The two are now married and seem to have found their perfect match. They fell in love in a really short time just like Grant and Lace did. You never know what is going to happen, and Grant and Lace may have found their happy ending as well.

Are you shocked to hear that Grant Kemp ends up proposed at the end of Bachelor in Paradise? Do you think that Grant and Lace make a great couple? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the big premiere of Bachelor in Paradise on August 2. On Monday night, you will get to see the finale of The Bachelorette and find out who JoJo Fletcher picks in the end.

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