Trump Swigs Up To 12 Diet Cokes Daily, Is Known To Tweet Propped Up On Pillows, Ornery If No Trump TV News

Donald Trump's tweeting habits, TV watching, and diet coke drinking is described in a new report that first starts out by sharing that Trump is a channel surfer. Even before the sun comes up over the nation's capital, Trump is in front of his TV changing the channels from CNN to Fox & Friends and then sometimes, when there is a good reason for this, he'll click over to Morning Joe on MSNBC. At the same time, he is multi-tasking with his iPhone getting news for his tweets and he is doing this all from his master bedroom.

This report came out in the New York Times, which goes on to say that Trump's tweeting habit, which is usually done in tandem with his TV watching, starts early with the staff saying he starts before getting dressed for the day. The report offers up a visual with words by describing how Trump grabs his iPhone and sometimes he will tweet from his bed, propped up on his pillows.

His TV watching is very important to his tweets. After reading the New York Times report, AXIOS stated that, "cable is ammunition for his Twitter war and the White House staff know the morning shows can dictate the rest of their day." They also say Trump grows "restless if he doesn't see himself on the TV news.

According to the New York Times, Trump starts this ritual at 5:30 a.m. in front of the TV in the White House master bedroom. CNN is the channel he first goes to for news, with Fox & Friends a TV destination for his "comfort" and he also gets messaging ideas from his friends on the curvy couch. Once he has got his messages in mind, the tweeting begins.

Next door to his master bedroom is a den and Trump will often move his way out of the bedroom and into that den to watch yet another TV, which is in that room, while he continues with his tweets. On occasion, he will go directly to the Treaty room, which the Times describes as "ornate." He will sometimes move through the hall and into that room still in his pajamas or "night clothes."

Donald Trump close up

It is in the Treaty room where Trump begins his calls for the day, both official and unofficial. While Trump is watching TV, he likes to share his thoughts with whoever is around him at the time and that is often the housekeeping staff, according to the Business Insider.

He summons one of the members of his staff to bring him a Diet Coke several times throughout the day. He has been known to consume up to 12 cans in one day's time, cites the Business Insider. He has a call button that he pushes to summon his lunch or a diet coke, whichever he fancies at the time. This button is for the housekeeping staff, who answers the call that's sent out from that button.

If you ever wondered what Trump's day of tweeting and TV watching looked like, according to the New York Times latest report on the subject, Trump appears to be a man of habit as each day unfolds very similar to the day before when it comes to tweeting, TV watching and Diet Coke drinking.

There are two reasons Trump will give the remote a click to bring him over to the destination of MSNBC's Morning Joe. The first reason that is mentioned in the New York Times -- "because friends like it." The second reason apparently is to get his blood boiling for the morning, as Morning Joe reportedly "fires him up."

The Hill reports that Trump's favorite TV destination is "Fox & Friends as well as Fox News." His Fox News viewing throughout the day includes Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro and Laura Ingraham.