One Man Accidentally Throttled Girl To Death During Overeager Sex, He Says

The Daily Mail reports that one attractive young woman was recently found dead and visibly brutalized under a sheet in the bedroom of a much older man. Autopsies revealed that the woman, identified as 20-year-old India Chipcase, was sexually violated before being murdered. She was also found to have the fingerprints of Edward Tenniswood, the 52-year-old man who owns the house in which she was found, all over her body, though she was fully clothed when she was found.

It would seem to be a pretty straightforward rape-murder case, right? Well, not the way Tenniswood tells it. Far from it.


The man claims he was having sex with Chipcase when he took the lovemaking one step too far and accidentally killed her. He did not say whether he did so by means of smothering, strangling, or simple bludgeoning, but The Australian reports the man insists he did not realize at the time that he had done it and that it was due to “overeagerness.”

“Without the guidance of her hands — and I was eager to please — obviously I sustained the pressure too long and that obviously caused the death, in retrospect.”

That is far from the most shocking part of the man’s tale, though.

Tenniswood insists that he did not realize the woman’s body had fallen lifeless even after he had finished his lovemaking session and was lying next to his “loved one.” The man even had to to refasten Chipwood’s bra and re-clothe her while she was dead, and he claims he still did not become aware of her state.


“She was just ­floppy as I expected her to be in a semi-comatose state,” the man told the court during one of his multiple appearances over the last two months.

One might think Tenniswood was claiming to be a mind-blowingly incredible lover, if it were not for the fact that the man himself admitted the “accidental” bed-murder was due to his own “inexperience and incompetence” in the sack.

He insists that the body certainly did not look dead, even though the woman was obviously not conscious.

“In my ignorance, when somebody dies, they get rigor mortis. I presume,” the man explained.

One other aspect of the story that makes the man’s alibi seem especially unbelievable is the fact that Chipwood was a very good-looking woman just past her teenage years, who was in a happy relationship with a professional rugby player, New Zealander Evaan Reihana. Tenniswood, on the other hand, is a balding 52-year-old man who The Mirror describes as an “OCD loner.” In other words, the two were not what one would consider a likely pairing.


To find proof of how odd Tenniswood is, one need look no further than the kitchen of the man’s home. The walls are decorated with newspaper and magazine clippings of “pretty girls.”

When asked why he hung up the clippings, the middle-aged man insisted he is “a terrible hoarder” and had kept the clippings because the faces reminded him of his past romantic exploits.

“Rather than just have the whole place covered in dusty dust sheets, they’re ornaments, memories of ex-girlfriends. Nothing more interesting than that,” Tenniswood explained.

“I’ve had a hugely unsuccessful life but have been very lucky and have had some very attractive ex-girlfriends.”

Other than the clippings, the man’s house was undecorated and “almost squalid — very run down,” authorities who reported to the crime scene told the court.

Another Mirror piece on the man’s trial says photographs of Tenniswood’s home do not show one square inch of the carpeting due to the newspapers covering the floors, and the walls are difficult to see too since there are boxes stacked high against every one.

One Man Edward Tenniswood Accidental Sex Murder India Chipcase Edward Tenniswood, “I’m a terrible hoarder.” [Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images for YOU Magazine]Despite Tenniswood’s insistence that Chipwood willingly entered his home, seduced him, and was accidentally killed during one intense love-making session with the man, the court believes that the man found India drunk one night outside of a nightclub, ushered her into a cab, and led her back to his house. Once there, the man overpowered, raped, and killed her before trying to tidy up her body and covering it with a duvet.

According to the man, he had gone out to get a kebab after the incident before going to a bar to drink beer. He was found and arrested in the same bar 22 hours later.

[Photo by Katarzyna Bialasiewicz/Getty Images]