‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2016 News: Is Ariana Grande’s Sibling ‘Shining Bright Like A Frankie’ In The CBB U.K. House?

On July 28, 2016, the most recent edition of Celebrity Big Brother launched with 15 personalities from both the U.K. and the U.S. playing the game. Although most Americans may not be totally familiar with the British stars in the house, one of the celebrities from the States is known by most because he was a member of the cast of U.S. Big Brother 16, and more notably, he is the older half-brother of mega-pop star Ariana Grande.

Frankie Grande, whose catch phrase is “Shine Bright Like a Frankie,” walked the Celebrity Big Brother catwalk Thursday and entered the posh house third. He was definitely shining bright, as half his head, and presumably other parts of his being, were covered in glitter. So much so that show host Emma Willis noted after a hug with Frankie, he’d left a bit of his sparkle on her.

This should have been no shock to Emma, as prior to his entrance on the elaborate Celebrity Big Brother stage, Frankie noted, “Glitter is an outward personification of my inward personality which is literally just shiny and sparkly all the time,” reports the East Lothian Courier.


According to the Courier, the public was more than elated to see Frankie enter the Celebrity Big Brother house.


Despite the love some in the public seem to have given Frankie, there are those in the Celebrity Big Brother house who may become annoyed with his antics. For instance, not long after the cast members made themselves comfortable in their new surroundings, sleeping arrangements were mulled over. There is one massive bedroom in the house and not enough beds for every single person, so sharing is a must.

Frankie was less than amenable to the idea of sleeping next to someone else in a small bed, screaming as he ran into the bedroom, “I’m claiming a bed, I’m claiming a bed!” He then jumped on a smaller one, to which fellow cast member and U.K. television personality Saira Khan stated, “Oh no, I wanted that one.”

Nonetheless, Frankie then insisted over and over, “I want my own bed.” Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, who is also part of this season’s cast, noted everyone must share a bed and declared she can’t sleep alone, thus she wants to share a bed with someone.

Frankie went on to insist,

“I have claimed this bed… I’ve claimed it. Everything is by the closet. I’m the homosexual, I’m by the closet. There’s a lot of glitter over there… I’m very happy.”


At that point U.K. actor Lewis Bloor informed Frankie he’d share a bed with him, but the bed arrangement had to be “ladies first,” telling Frankie to behave himself.

A major twist released on the housemates shortly after the Celebrity Big Brother house doors opened was a rouse that is to be played on one of the stars who was chosen by viewer votes. As the cast took part in a silent disco in which no music was played aloud and each cast member was required to wear headphones to hear the tunes, the ominous voice of Big Brother announced to one houseguest, U.K. personality Christopher Biggins (nicknamed “Biggins”), he would be the king of the house, decide who would be nominated for eviction, and have immunity for the week.

Unbeknownst to Biggins, after he was given his message, the other houseguests, excluding Biggins, were told in their headphones about the designated king and the sly trick afoot. In essence, if cast mates can get Biggins to nominate them by bugging the heck out of him or others, they will actually obtain immunity as a twist and not be at risk for eviction. But no one can let on about what is taking place, so Biggins will remain in the dark as to the real plan.


Frankie was pleased with the twist and in the Diary Room said, “…I’m off to the races… let’s go… Here I am hour two, plotting, scheming, and strategizing.” His only worry was that he clicked with Biggins upon meeting him and must now come up with an angle for Biggins to put him up on the block so he can obtain immunity. So, according to Frankie, his strategy will now be to brag about his successes and annoy Biggins incessantly.


Due to Frankie’s Celebrity Big Brother entry, Attitude reminisced about his bromance during Big Brother 16 with fellow houseguest Zach Rance.

According to Attitude, Zach spoke about his relationship with Frankie in the Big Brother 16 house, noting he felt like a “role model” of sorts for fans of the show who may have previously found a “close relationship between a gay and straight man odd.” At the time, Frankie tweeted that his sister Ariana approved of their bromance, writing, “Zach please don’t be straight anymore. you’re cute and I approve. – Ari.”


Overall, it is expected Frankie will do well in the Celebrity Big Brother house since he finished fifth on the American version of Big Brother during his season. This depends, however, on whether his fellow cast mates are down with shining bright “like a Frankie” and don’t get annoyed with glitter fallout.

[Image via Channel 5]