‘Bad Moms’ End-Credits Scene: Find Out Why It May Be Worth Waiting After The Final Scene In This R-Rated Comedy

Bad Moms isn’t exactly over once the final scene fades to black, as there is reportedly an end-credits scene that gives viewers a bit of extra insight into the all-woman superstar cast.

The end-credits scene — also known in the movie world as a stinger or after-credits scene — is an extra bit tucked at the very end of the movie to reward viewers dedicated to sticking it out all the way. These scenes were once few and far between, but in recent years, they have become something of an expectation within certain movie genres.

If you’re seeing a superhero movie, for example, it’s almost certain that you can find an end-credits scene. Comedies and family movies can be a bit trickier, which is why many people heading out to the R-rated Bad Moms are searching ahead of time to find if there’s an end-credits scene to justify staying all the way to the end.

[Warning: Potential Bad Moms spoilers ahead]

So is there an end-credits scene in Bad Moms? Technically, the answer is no, but there is still a reason to stay beyond the final scene of the movie. As AfterCredits.com noted, during the credits there are some scenes showing the stars of the movie being interviewed with their real-life moms.

The extra scene is an added reward for moviegoers looking to escape a summer filled with action movies, sequels, and sequels to action movies. The slate of movies this summer season has been heavy on superheroes and blockbusters, with a smaller number of comedies to pick from.

That could be a good thing for Bad Moms, which will offer a reprieve for those looking for something other than Star Trek Beyond or Jason Bourne. While the Matt Damon spy thriller is expected to top the box office with close to $50 million in its opening weekend, Bad Moms has a chance to snag second if the returns for Star Trek Beyond can drop off after its initial week.

Entertainment Weekly noted that Bad Moms could follow in the footsteps of the similarly R-rated Trainwreck, which opened to $30.1 million.

“Gunning for a broader audience at 3,215 theaters, however, STX indicates the film is tracking strongly with men in the 17-34 demo as well. Whether it sticks with women or appeals universally, the $20 million production serves as adequate (reviews have been decent, not great) counter-programming to action-intensive titles like Jason Bourne and Star Trek Beyond, offering an appealing alternative to a demographic that has gone relatively underserved on the comedy front (save for Ghostbusters) in recent weeks.”

There are some higher predictions as well, with some industry followers thinking Bad Moms could crack $33 million in its opening weekend and become one of the sleeper hits of the summer.


Bad Moms will likely also draw on the strength of its cast, which includes Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell.


Kunis said in an interview with Popsugar that she can start to relate to the role of a stressed out mom, though she knows it’s going to get even more hectic as her little one gets bigger.

“I only have one little human. She’s not so bad. I have an amazing husband and my parents live in same town as I do… but she’s only 17 months old. She’s rambunctious but she’s not there yet where she’s two and a half and I’m like ‘Holy s**t, this is demon baby.'”

So while there may not be an actual end-credits scene in Bad Moms, it will still be worth staying around a little bit longer to learn about the stars and see what their actual mothers look like.

[Image via STX Entertainment]