‘Girl Meets World’ Finale: A ‘Boy Meets World’ Reunion?

The Girl Meets World finale promises to be quite emotional, especially since there will also be a Boy Meets World reunion during the show! Hello, 1990s childhood!

According to TV Line, the future of Girl Meets World with the networks remains in limbo, so the Girl Meets World season finale — set to air on Friday, August 12 — is being treated as the Girl Meets World finale. Series regular August Maturo, in fact, contributed to the rumors that the show may, indeed, be permanently over when he remarked that he was taping the Girl Meets World finale, rather than the season finale.

Indeed, according to the People’s Choice website, the Girl Meets World finale is merely following the tradition of the shows of the seasons past. Knowing that bringing the old favorites back is nothing if not a ratings draw, many of the old cast members would make “special guest appearances” on the show to check in with the rest of the cast. Many of the Girl Meets World writers, in fact, would take to Twitter to post the photos when a former cast member would drop by, which would cause a lot of fun interaction on social media.

Indeed, Hollywood Life is reporting that the Girl Meets World finale will see visits from many of the Boy Meets World favorites, so much so that it can be considered a full reunion! Amongst the cast members confirmed to visit include but are certainly not limited to the following: Rider Strong (who played Shaun Hunter), William Daniels (who played Mr. Feeny), and even both Morgans!

As fans of Boy Meets World are undoubtedly aware, two different actresses played Morgan during the series’ seven-season run: Lily Nicksay played Morgan in Season 1 and 2, and Lindsay Ridgeway played Morgan from Seasons 3 to 7. In August Maturo’s Instagram post, he actually addresses how the two actresses will be handled in the finale: They’ll be taking turns playing Eric & Corey’s sister!

Girl Meets World is a continuation of the story that Boy Meets World started many years ago. In GMW, as it’s commonly abbreviated, Cory (played by Ben Savage) and Topanga (played by Danielle Fishel) have gotten married and moved to New York City, where they are raising their daughter, Maya (played by Rowan Blanchard), and their son Auggie (played by August Maturo). The Girl Meets World finale, then, will wrap up all of their storylines. In addition to seeing a lot of Boy Meets World cast members pay a visit to the set, the series has also seen the appearance of other former TGIF stars, such as Reginald VelJohnson, best known for his role on Family Matters. While he didn’t reprise his role as Carl Winslow on the show, he did play a police officer in an episode.

Still, it bears noting that the Girl Meets World finale may just be the season finale, rather than the series finale. If the reactions on social media are to be believed, the fans of the show would be extremely disappointed if, indeed, this was the last season of the show and there was no resolution. One of the biggest questions that will be answered in the Girl Meets World finale, of course, will be the Lucas-Maya-Riley love triangle, according to Movie News Guide. Fans, then, will have to tune into the Girl Meets World finale when it airs on August 12 to see how this plays out!

[Image via the Disney Channel]