Missing Dog Reunites With Family After 7 Years, Took Care Of Stray Best Friend During Journey

The missing dog, through a happenstance spotting, returns home after seven years. Yet, missing dog Corky wasn’t alone.

Corky, the once missing dog, disappeared in 2009 after escaping from his Texas-family’s dog kennel. There was no sign of missing Corky, even though his family searched high and low, near and far.

Jimmy Montez, Corky’s owner, mentioned that the family searched for the missing dog for six months — all to “no avail.”

After having placed flyers all over town, and had gone business to business, as well as neighbor to neighbor, the family thought the worst had happened to the missing dog.


Fast forward nearly seven years, a man spots Corky on a busy street in Fort Worth, Texas.

According to ABC News, Philip Gonzalez, development director of North Texas’ Humane Society, mentions that the missing dog was found along with another one-eyed stray.

The two dogs were “very bonded together,” says the source.

You can watch ABC News‘ interview with the missing dog’s family in the video below.

There’s no telling how long the missing dog and “Captain,” as the shelter named the stray, had been together within that seven-year period.

After examining Corky and Captain, it seems that only the missing dog was “chipped.” That’s how they were able to reunite him with the Montez family.

The source mentions that the missing dog escaped from its kennel in Boyd, Texas. However, when he was found, he was 30 miles away, in Fort Worth.

“If the dog could talk, we could only imagine the stories he’d tell,” the shelter’s development director notes.

Once reunited with his family, the missing dog’s owner also adopted Captain. The family mentioned that they couldn’t separate the two dogs after realizing the bond they had created.

The source notes that it was good timing as well. The shelter had a “clear the shelters” day. All adoption fees were waived.

The missing dog’s owner states that it’s completely obvious that they’re best friends.

“Half the day they nap and half the day they play, but whatever they’re doing, it’s always together,” says the owner.

“It’s actually pretty adorable. It looks like Corky really took care of Captain when they were out in the streets. He always lets Captain eat first, and he’ll even stand guard to make sure none of our other dogs bother him.”


The missing dog’s owner says that the two have completed the Montez family. At the time that Corky went missing, the Montez’s had two children. Now, since Corky and Captain are there, there’s a total of four kids and four dogs, says the source.

“Family is now complete. It’s a full house, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Via the North Texas Humane Society‘s Facebook page, the missing dog has gotten a lot of coverage and publicized focus. Many have commended the family for adopting Corky’s friend as well.

Many express that the missing dog’s story is quite heart-warming. Likewise, several commentators have mentioned that it’s an amazing example of what could happen when you microchip your dogs.


Anything can happen at any time — especially if dogs have been inside of a kennel for a while. Once they’re out of that confined space, they’re usually bursting with energy.

It’s possible that the missing dog ventured too far from home and couldn’t find his way back. It happens — especially if, along that adventure, the dog finds something of interest to chase, right?

All in all, Corky is no longer missing and now has a friend to keep him company with his family.

What do you think Corky might have encountered along his 30-mile journey to Fort Worth? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Amy Sancetta/AP Images]