Justin Bieber Turns Tie-Dye Shorts Into Hot Retro Trend As Selena Gomez Faces Sexy Style Slams

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been receiving very different responses to their sizzling summer styles. While Bieber earned applause for his decision to turn tie-dye shorts into the hot new retro fashion trend, Gomez has gotten slammed for her own sexy summer fashion choices.

Thinking that tie-dye is yesterday’s style or belongs only in the summer-camp crafts category? GQ points out that Justin changed that by taking tie-dye and using the pattern in shorts rather than T-shirts.


Bieber kept it cool by choosing black and white for the color theme rather than the traditionally wildly colored tie-dye hues. Although he likes long and baggy styles, Justin proved he knows how to get what GQ terms his “rocker-hippie vibe” in a groove.

Those tie-dye styles were a welcome change from last month when Justin was scrutinized for wearing shorts over pants. Bieber is known for creating his own style trends, but the shorts-over-pants look raised some questions, pointed out People.

Justin Bieber has fascinated fans with his style choices. Justin Bieber has fascinated fans with his style choices. [Photo by Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP Images]The costume featured a huge T-shirt, dad-style shorts, and tight skater pants. Some speculated that Justin was going for workout garments worn with compression tights but took the look too far, while others thought that he might be trying to come up with a new way to wear throwback, zip-away cargo pants.

Now that Bieber is getting applause for his decision to go with the tie-dye shorts look, his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, is getting a reverse response to her new style.

Selena Gomez loves those sexy styles, but she had to go for a more modest look after getting slammed and almost banned. Selena Gomez loves those sexy styles, but she had to go for a more modest look after getting slammed and almost banned. [Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP Images]The backlash began with Selena almost being banned from giving her performance in Malaysia. And while the slams included the words to Selena’s sexy songs, her sizzling hot fashion choices played a key role in the brush with being banned, according to Yahoo.

Gomez has become famed for wearing barely there tops that show off her toned tummy, bodysuits that are skin-tight and gleaming with glitter, and sheer skirts that show almost everything. But now, while Bieber is basking in the positive feedback to his perfect-for-a-summer day fashion, Selena is responding to the critics by sweating out her performances clad in outfits such as black turtlenecks complemented by high-waisted black pants.

Using her personal Instagram account, as well as her Revival Tour Instagram page to provide fans with photos of her new covered-up style, Gomez also showed a preference for retro sunglasses and more demure shoes. Selena chose to debut her new fashion choices in the Malaysian city of Selangor.

“New wardrobe in Asia,” wrote Gomez.

Although the all-black clothes qualify as a step up on the sophistication style ladder, Selena made it clear that she is going for modesty rather than glamour in response to the slams over her sexy fashion preferences.

Gomez currently is still completing her Revival Tour leg in Asia. But is she starting to try to combine those monochromatic, covered-up fashion choices with her preference for hot styles? Prior to leaving with her tour entourage for Australia, Selena has a show scheduled for August 3rd in Tokyo.

Providing a clue as to what future concert goers might expect, Gomez debuted an outfit that combined sexy in the form of a top with modesty in the form of shorts that stayed with the all-black theme (no word on whether Bieber provided some tips on wearing shorts over tights for concerts).

Adding to the intrigue over how Selena will continue to bridge the gap between responding to the criticism and incorporating her own style preferences, she used her Revival Tour Instagram account to showcase what she described as some “vintage” pieces.

“Vintage pieces for the Singapore show. #RevivalTour,” clarified the caption.

With Justin going for retro in the form of tie-dye shorts, and Selena going with the responding-to-feedback flow with vintage outfits, is it possible that their styles could blend at some point this summer? Not even Jelena fans can answer this conundrum yet.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]