Joss Whedon Will Write For ‘Doctor Who’ If This One Thing Happens

One of two things would need to happen in Doctor Who for him to write for the BBC series. He shared them at San Diego Comic Con 2016, making it very clear that he is certainly interested in the project.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans will likely be able to guess what one of those things is. He wants to see a female Doctor on the show, and that has certainly been proven possible with Steven Moffat’s seasons. The Master was turned into The Mistress with his/her latest regeneration, so why can’t The Doctor become female?

The only other option is for the BBC to cast Idris Elba in the role. The Luther actor had been considered by fans for the role when Matt Smith decided to leave. Instead, Peter Capaldi was given the Doctor Who lead, and has had mixed reviews since.

Observ reports that fans asked Whedon at a panel about the idea of him coming on-board as a writer for the long-running sci-fi program. He hasn’t completely ruled it out, and he instead just said, “Come back to me when The Doctor is a she.” He then paused before adding, “Or Idris Elba.”

Whedon isn’t the first person to want a woman playing Doctor Who. Recently whenever there has been a regeneration, fans have said that they want to see a woman take on the role. There have been odds placed on various actresses, but each time the BBC opts for a man; and a white man at that.

Former Doctor Who star Smith has said that a female regeneration could come very soon. This sparked speculation that his regeneration was going to be into a woman. Now that there are talks of Capaldi stepping away from the role after Season 10, there is more speculation that a female will walk into the role.

Even if a female is cast into a role, there is no guarantee that Whedon will instantly accept the writing role. Whedon says that if he did come onto Doctor Who as a writer, he’d want to look into the 50-year history of the program. He wouldn’t likely be able to do that anytime soon, as Whedon is known for juggling multiple projects.

Whedon has a lot of ideas for various other shows and mini-series, but he just doesn’t have the time for them all. Right now, he has to focus on his main priorities and work through everything else when he gets a chance.

Taking on a writing role for the show would mean more for him than many other projects he has ever taken on. He admitted that it would take research to be able to fully bring The Doctor to life. With 13 Doctors, it would take more than just catching up on the recent season. Whedon would also need to learn more about all the different companions and how they have affected the Doctor along the way.

Doctor Who Season 10 isn’t going to air until 2017, but a teaser for it has already been released. Capaldi’s Doctor meets his new companion, Bill, played by Pearl Mackie. It looks like one of the first appearances will be The Doctor’s worst enemy, the Daleks. Season 10 will follow the 2016 Christmas special, airing on Christmas Day.

What do you think about Joss Whedon coming onboard for Doctor Who? Would you like to see him if The Doctor becomes female?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]