‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Dominant Houseguest Volunteers To Be Pawn And Pressures Week 6 HOH To Target Outspoken Player For Backdoor Eviction [Spoilers]

Week 6 Big Brother 18 HOH is being pressured by a dominant houseguest to target an outspoken player.

A new Big Brother 18 Head of Household (HOH) has been crowned, and live feed spoilers reveal the lucky player is now trying to determine which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction. In the process, the current HOH is being pressured from all sides of the house, however, one dominant cast member appears to have persuaded the Week 6 “king of the castle” to target an outspoken player.

According to Joker’s Updates, the newest HOH is Paul, and his initial inclination was to target Bridgette, who was the closest ally to Thursday night’s evictee, Frank. Despite Paul’s burning desire to excise Bridgette from the game, Paulie had other ideas and assertively shared them with Paul.

Although Paulie agreed that Bridgette should be one of Paul’s nominees, he disagreed she should be the target for eviction in Week 6 of Big Brother 18.

Instead, Paulie convinced Paul that Bridgette and a pawn should be placed on the chopping block, and after the Power of Veto (POV) competition is played, the winner should use the shiny medallion to save the pawn. Paulie instructed Paul he should then proceed to choose Da’Vonne as a replacement nominee so she can get chopped during next Thursday’s live eviction episode of Big Brother.

According to Big Brother Updates, Paulie has been heard on live feeds telling different houseguests, including James, it is a good week to get Da’Vonne out.

Paulie also told Corey that Da’Vonne has been trying to place “a wedge” between them and feeding Corey lies about Paulie working with Frank and Bridgette in secret, Big Brother Feedster reports.

The only glitch in Paulie’s Da’Vonne eviction plan was finding a pawn willing to risk going home, as in past seasons of Big Brother, pawns have unexpectedly gotten the boot. So, Paulie suggested Natalie as the likely pawn.

Nicole got wind of the plan and thought it was fantastic, so she woke Natalie up at around 11:18 p.m. Big Brother 18 house time to ask her to be the unassuming pawn. According to Joker’s Updates, Natalie said, “No.” She seemed to wonder why she should be a pawn again, as Natalie has been in that vulnerable position before. She asked, “Why can’t Victor go up?” to which Nicole responded, “…It’s not going to be a boy.”

Paulie also tried to convince Natalie of the plan, telling her if she agreed to be a pawn, she’d have nothing to worry about, but she was not agreeable to the idea. Natalie eventually relayed to James if Paul nominates her for eviction this week – even if she’s only a pawn – she will “…win HOH next week” and put him on the block.

Although Nicole eventually decided it would be a good idea to volunteer herself as a pawn, at about 2:14 a.m. Friday morning, Paulie stepped in and volunteered himself for the position. Paulie told Paul, who agreed to the plan, “No one’s voting me out if I’m still up there…,” Joker’s Updates reports.

Nevertheless, not long after Paulie’s seemingly selfless act, he admitted he only volunteered to be a pawn so that Corey and Nicole would be more comfortable with the idea and volunteer instead, #BB18 Feed Updates reports.

#BB18 Feed Updates reveals that Paul seems super ready to make his nominations and wants to conduct the nomination ceremony wearing a headband, cat-eye sunglasses, and a robe.

As the other Big Brother 18 houseguests readied for slumber, at around 3:30 a.m., Paul could be seen on live feeds with Paulie and Zakiyah in the HOH room, sipping on beers and discussing Natalie. Paul said he can’t believe how far she’s gotten in the game doing nothing, prompting Paulie to chime in and say she’s headed out the door next week.

So, it seems the plan is solid to place Bridgette and a pawn on the block and ultimately backdoor Da’Vonne. Just who that week 6 pawn will be is still unknown, but nominations will likely take place on Friday, which will reveal what decision Paulie convinced Paul to make.

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