One Man Hunts Down And Brutalizes Child Molesters In ‘Dexter’-Style Retribution [VIDEO]

One man from Anchorage, Alaska, named Jason Vukovich is currently facing charges for taking the law into his own hands and viciously attacking various sex offenders after tracking them down, often assaulting them in their homes.

“I didn’t feel I deserved it, but I guess I do. I guess my punishment isn’t over yet.”

Those were the words of Wesley Demarest, one of Vukovich’s victims.

Demarest, a 67 year-old man, was convicted 10 years ago for sexually abusing a minor, reports KTVA Alaska, at which time the court required him to register with the state as a sex offender for the next 15 years. That means he had to let the government know about his whereabouts and changes of address, information that the government then posted on an online database for the world to see. The information is made visible in the interest of public safety, but as Demarest would note later, sometimes the ease with which the information can be accessed can be used for just the opposite.

Like most minor sex offenders, Demarest was trying to live a normal life out of jail. Of course, he told reporters, it is difficult for a man with his record to find a good job or join any kind of government function, but he has a house with a roommate and did not experience any actively negative effects of his prior conviction until his unpleasant visit from one man during the middle of the night on June 29.

“It’s one o’clock in the morning, and my roommate came pounding on my door and said, ‘Someone is trying to break in,'” Demarest recounted to ADN.

“A guy was standing behind him and pushed him out of the way, and he was carrying a hammer.”

The huge man then asked Demarest about his deeds – like Micheal C. Hall’s dexter interrogating one of his serial killer victims before slaughtering them.

“He asked if I thought I paid for my crime,” Demarest said. “I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘No, you didn’t pay for it enough.'”

The man also called himself an “avenging angel,” according to Demarest, and he claimed he was there to “mete out justice for the people [he] hurt.”

The man then proceeded to beat Demarest with a hammer, knocking him unconscious and fracturing his skull.

That was only one of the sex offenders Vukovich had attacked in the past few days, though. He had also been to the houses of three other individuals and had committed similar crimes against each. One man Vukovich had attacked, Charles Albee, told him the large man had told him he was there because Albee was on the sex offenders registry before beating him senseless.

Because Vukovich had already committed a crime very much like the one targeting Demarest on more than one occasion and had clearly revealed himself and his motive to all of his past victims, the Anchorage police had already identified the man and knew who to look for when Demarest’s roommate called 911 immediately after the unwanted visitor had left. Police cruisers hurried to set up traffic stops near the scene of the crime as soon as they got the call, and it was not long until one of them brought Vukovich into custody.

The police searched Vukovich’s car and found a notebook containing a hitlist naming each one of the sex offenders he meant to attack. They also found several items that had gone missing from the houses of the victims — apparently, the man was not only avenging the sex offenders’ victims.

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Vukovich appeared in court yesterday but remained almost completely silent save for pleading innocent to his alleged crimes. His bail was set at $100,000, and his hearing was scheduled for October 17.

Interestingly, almost almost every one of the comments on articles about Vukovich’s case is in the man’s favor. That is, they insist he should not be punished or should even be rewarded for attacking sex offenders.

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