Nintendo NX Mockups: From Realistic To Out-Of-This-World

It was only a matter of time before we were to see the first Nintendo NX mockups from fans. Despite no information about the product at all, the system has had its fair share of fans giving their best interpretations of what they thought Nintendo’s next system might look like. However, with this week’s revelation from Eurogamer of what it feels the Nintendo NX most likely is, the mockups came out in full force, and they range from very realistic representations to the downright bizarre.

The Good

NeoGAF has been bombarded with members racing to see who can come the closest to what the think Nintendo has in store for us when the NX launches next March. One particular member has turned heads, Pittree. Pittree’s Nintendo NX mockup is quite impressive to say the least. They took the diagram that Eurogamer provided and put a realistic representation to it.

Pittree even went as far as showing how one may go about using the NX as a two player system. Notice the detail involved from the reimagining of the Wii Party U that uses each detachable end to play the tabletop baseball game. They even manage to do a very nice mockup of a game that is already confirmed for the Nintendo NX, Just Dance 2017.

Image via Gamefans

It is hard not to imagine a diehard Nintendo fan not wanting to get their hands on this system. Kudos for the attention to detail, and here is hoping that Nintendo takes something like this into consideration for their next major system.

The Bad

Image via NeoGAF

While on the surface this looks like a completely feasible representation of what the Nintendo NX could look like, the controller itself would ultimately be a disaster. In single player mode, it would be passable. The two analog sticks would allow for your typical first person shooters. The D-pad gives you the platforming goodness we come to expect out of some of Nintendo’s greatest properties like Super Mario Bros.

Once the proposed system plugs into the set-top box for living room play, things begin to fall apart. Neither controler lends itself to comfortable play when detached from the system. If the idea is to put these controllers together, the player would be left with a gaping hole right in the middle of the controller. Plus, the system just looks too thin. It should be. It is basically an iPad in the middle of the Wii U Gamepad.

The Ugly

Now, it is not the custom to ever try to hinder anyone’s artistic expression. However, as far as Nintendo NX mockups go, there have been a few that you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the artist in question was not the least bit serious. With that said, we submit for your viewing pleasure — or the lack thereof — the ugly.

Image via NeoGAF

For those not in the know, this is a representation of the NX-Tingle hybrid. There might be some merit to this one. Nintendo recently delayed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild until March of 2017 so it could launch with the NX. Could this be a mockup of a special edition console (tongue firmly planted in the cheek)?

The truth is, Nintendo has given no indication what the NX hardware looks like. No specs have been announced, and until we have hard proof in front of us, speculation will continue. However, one thing is for sure with only one major first party release left this year for the Wii U, we should expect information soon. Until then, feel free to enjoy NeoGAF’s other Nintendo NX mockups.

[Image via NeoGAF]