‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won HOH Competition On July 28?

Big Brother 18 spoilers now include the HOH winner from July 28. The latest HOH competition for the BB18 house ran a little long on Thursday night, with the rest of the competition taking place after the show had ended. CBS producers kept the live feeds down for a while, even after the East Coast viewing ended, so fans weren’t able to immediately find out who won the power. A report from fan site Hamsterwatch was posted to Twitter immediately after the feeds came back on.

Paul Abrahamian now has the power for the first time this summer. The BB18 house may have just turned in an interesting direction, as he could have any number of targets in mind for his first nominations. At some point on Friday, July 29, Paul will submit the names of the two houseguests he will be placing on the block. From there it will get very interesting, as it’s entirely possible that two new people could get nominated for the first time this season. That would then lead to a lot of exciting Big Brother 18 spoilers coming from the lives feeds for the next few days.

Earlier in the evening, the BB18 house had its latest eviction ceremony, with Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning at risk of going home. In a unanimous vote, though, Frank was sent out the door for another one-on-one meeting with host Julie Chen. Frank’s summer has come to an end much earlier than originally anticipated, but he had made so many enemies in the BB18 house over the past few weeks that it was just a matter of time. Now the main target appears to have shifted to Bridgette, but anything can happen during this summer of twists.

This is an interesting twist for the house, even though it could be a bad week for another one of the veterans in the game. With Frank Eudy already evicted, Paul Abrahamian has to figure out his main target and a pawn for the upcoming week. Michelle Meyer and Da’Vonne Rogers are already convinced that it is Bridgette Dunning who is going to get evicted next. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates reported that the two ladies were seen discussing this on the live feeds when they returned later Thursday evening.

So is Paul Abrahamian going to stick to the plan he had already mentioned to several houseguests last week? Is he really going to make Bridgette Dunning the main target and convince someone else to sit on the block as a target? These are some really intriguing Big Brother 18 spoilers for the next few days that should emerge as early as Friday morning, July 29. What Paul has here, is the perfect opportunity to completely shake up the BB18 house and target an unsuspecting houseguest. But would Paul actually make a bold move or simply conform to what the house dictates as a whole?

The next episode of the show will air on Sunday, July 31, with the HOH winner and his two nominations for eviction serving as the central theme. It’s a chance for Paul Abrahamian to make a really bold move in the game, as he has been stating he would do the second he finally secured power in the BB18 house. This is the type of moment that winners usually get to talk about during the season finale, and could show if Paul is on a course to win or just go with the flow. Stay tuned fans, because the Big Brother 18 spoilers will be flowing like water this weekend.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]