Breastfeeding Mom Jamie Lynne Grumet Poses For Another Cover [Photo]

Todd Rigney

Jamie Lynne Grumet, otherwise known as the breastfeeding mom who posed for the controversial Time Magazine cover, has decided to pose with her son for yet another publication. According to ABC News, she hopes the upcoming cover of Pathways to Family Wellness will help correct the damage done by her now-infamous photo shoot.

Grumet explained that she was just as shocked as everyone else when the issue of Time hit newsstands earlier this year. The image editors used for the cover was just an outtake, she said, one she never thought the magazine would seriously consider using. The whole experience left her feeling extremely sad.

"I definitely don't agree with the [Time] cover and don't agree with the article," she explained to ABC News. "Our intentions were to help relieve the stigma attached to breast-feeding past infancy. The photo I saw wasn't one that we were trying to pose for."

The Daily Mail reports that Grumet is eager to portray attachment parenting in a positive light. In an effort to do so, she teamed up with the folks at Pathways to Family Wellness, a quarterly magazine devoted to attachment parenting. Grumet's latest cover features her four-year-old son Aram, her husband Brian, and their adopted son Samuel. She recently described her experience with the magazine as "wonderful."

As for claims that she attempted to cash in on her 15 minutes of same, Grumet was quick to shut down her detractors. "That's the ignorance of not understanding full-term breast feeding -- and that it's normal in other cultures, just not here," she explained. "[We should focus] that attention onto issues that really do matter, like the children who don't have parents, who don't have food."

"I want everyone to be encouraging. We're not opposing teams," she said of the rift between conventional parenting and attachment parenting. "We all need to be encouraging to each other and I don't think we're doing a very good job at that."

Jamie Lynne Grumet's cover of Pathways to Family Wellness is included below. What are you thoughts on attachment parenting?