DNC Protesters Storm Security Fence, Burn American Flag

DNC protesters allegedly breached the eight-foot security fence around the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia last night.

The demonstrations also featured individuals trying to burn the American flag, which prompted scuffles between flag burners and those who disapprove of that form of dissent.

Another group tossed a "DNC coffin" over the security fence, while a sit-in took place at a nearby parking lot.

Authorities yesterday expanded the security zone by about one thousand feet beyond the original fence configuration, the Linkis website claimed.

Going into the Democratic convention, many Bernie Sanders supporters believed that the nomination was stolen from the anti-establishment candidate through a rigged process, terminology that the Vermont Senator used himself used to described the primary campaign. The hard feelings apparently still remain.

Sanders, who nonetheless strongly endorsed his former rival Hillary Clinton on July 12 in New Hampshire and again on Monday night in a prime-time convention address, announced this week that he was quitting the party to switch back to independent status.

Separately, Clinton foes have decried what they consider the irony of the installation of an eight-foot security fence around the Philadelphia convention venue while she and most Democrats are dead set against GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's controversial idea of building a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border for security purposes

Right from the start, moreover, the DNC in Philadelphia has become engulfed in controversy and unrest over the WikiLeaks #DNCLeaks email (and subsequent voicemail dump) that suggests that the party attempted to undermine the insurgent presidential campaign of Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton, including collusion with news outlets to make Bernie and his campaign look bad.
Scuffling over the American flag has apparently also continued into today.

It remains to be seen if calm will prevail on the streets of Philadelphia as the convention concludes tonight with Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the protests have supposedly fizzled out. Heavy rain is expected this evening in the Philly area, which may tamp down any further potential disturbances.

It perhaps also gave a new meaning to feel the Bern last night when at least one person unfortunately caught on fire.

According to CNN, cops and Secret Service arrested seven individuals Wednesday night who allegedly jumped the fence at about 10:30 p.m.
"The seven were dressed in all black and had their faces covered. They were arrested and have been taken to the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center, where they're expected to be charged with entering a restricted area."
Fox Business claims that the individuals that broke through the fence were not part of the pro-Sanders demonstrators.
The DNC street protests have not received a lot of coverage in the news media thus far, but independent journalists like Mike Cernovich of Danger & Play have been on the scene periscoping the demonstrations, which are apparently made up of unhappy Bernie Sanders supporters and others described as anarchists. Other observers have chronicled the events on Twitter and additional social media outlets.
Inside the Wells Fargo arena, Sanders delegates and supporters dissatisfied about how the convention is being orchestrated staged a walkout from the venue to the media tent for the second consecutive night. Actor Danny Glover, among others, demanded to know why prominent Sanders surrogate Nina Turner, a former Ohio state senator, was denied the opportunity to speak to the convention.

"We need answers as to why Nina Turner was not allowed to nominate and to present Bernie Sanders," Glover said.

It's now unclear where the die-hard #NeverHillary, Bernie-or-bust voters such as those who are participating in the DNC protests will gravitate to on Election Day in November, although Jill Stein of the Green Party may be the ultimate beneficiary. In his speech last night, President Obama made a strong pitch for the Bernie cohort to back Hillary Clinton for president, however.
An organization called the DNC Action Committee announced earlier this evening via Facebook that it will attempt to make a citizen's arrest of Hillary Clinton tonight. The group accuses Clinton of mass election fraud, international money laundering, and treason.

"To these ends, we will march into the gates of the Wells Fargo center during her speech...to non-violently present Hillary Rodham Clinton with a Citizens Arrest," the Facebook posting indicates.

[Photo by Matt Rourke/AP Images]