Apple’s New iPhone: Why It Could Be The iPhone 6SE, Plus Phone’s Price And Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New Device

September is just around the corner, and that means a few things for Apple, specifically in 2016. Normally, September is when the tech giant unleashes its new model iPhone, but word on the street is that things might be off-schedule this time around. The company is reported to be moving to a new cycle where they release devices once every three years instead of once every two.

The more recent smartphone models have failed to amaze fans, since some see them as mere copycats of competitors’ devices. Now, rumors are flying that the next phone will be known as the iPhone 6SE rather than the 7. If you’ll recall, the 5SE was made to embody the best of the 5 and 6S models, so a new SE model might showcase the best features of two newer devices. Let’s check out some of the improvements that may be featured in the new device.

Apple iPhone 6SE A picture of the 6S. A new phone that will feature a curved edge display is reportedly in the works. [Image via/Shutterstock]More Memory, More Awesome

The Daily Mail learned that Apple may be doing away with 16 GB phones and will instead offer a 256 GB version. This might be an attempt to catch up to certain Android phones, whose memory capacity can be expanded using SD cards. Since Apple’s phones are basically synonymous with music, expanding their memory would also allow users to store more music and other content. Also, pre-installed software needed to run the phone can take up space, so a 256 GB option is a good one to have.



Valuewalk speculated that the new 6SE will cost about the same as previous phones, with a $650 U.S. price tag. This price sometimes drops as hype dies down, but if you don’t want to wait, new iPhones can usually be bought for a slightly lower price from a carrier or retail store. Some Apple Stores will also let you trade in your outdated device to receive a credit towards a newer one.

iPhone 6SE A 6S with headphones. A new phone with an edgeless display is reported to be in the works. [Image via/Shutterstock]The Looks Make The Phone

FirstPost notes that there may be a design revamp in which the new iPhones would look like a thin sheet of glass. Concept designs for this type of phone have been in the rumor mill for some time, and there have even been images surfacing of flat smartphones. A new iPhone 6SE prototype could have notifications on the edge of the device screen, which would give consumers a new way to interact with them.


Bigger Tech Coming?

Some sites, like Forbes, have guessed that a really big iPhone overhaul is on the way. The fact that there are no overly major changes to the new model seems to support this theory. Since 2017 will be the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, it makes sense that this year would hold a massively changed iOS device in store. These changes could include things like camera and battery life improvements, as well as the possible introduction of a new version of iOS.

All in all, some iOS users might be better off waiting for a new anniversary edition iPhone to come out. Up until this point, there haven’t been any earth-shattering changes in the newer iPhone models save for new software updates. If a 10-year anniversary device is really in the works, it could bring massive design changes and useful new features as well. However, there’s no telling what sort of price tag the new phone might come with.

As it stands now, we might see the 6SE either September of this year or next. Apple has done a great job of promoting and hyping its new models, so likely we’ll know more about the 6SE’s release date and features as soon as there’s something to know. Let us know what you think of the new iPhone 6SE below.

[Photo by Kiichiro Sato/AP Images]