Nicole Richie’s $8,000 Dress Is The Talk Of Alma Awards

Nicole Richie earned great marks for her fashion at the ALMA Awards — and for $8,000, she’d better.

Access Hollywood noted that even after two children, the reality television star is still rocking her fashionable looks.

Ryan Patterson, Access Hollywood correspondent, wrote:

She’s a mom of two little ones and can still look like THAT!? I give her total props- I’m a mom too and could never leave the house looking this good… this chic… this slinky!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that her dress is fab and fits like a glove. It’s a unique Mathieu Mirano with a price tag of $7,990 – wowza!

Nicole Richie actually debuted a few different looks over the weekend. Aside from the black silk organza gown she wore at the Alma Awards on Sunday night, she also showed off a Maria Lucia Hohan ensemble at a Hollywood party for DuJour magazine on Friday.

The look may have gotten praise from fashion critics, but the average reader may not be buying into her new glam look. A poll conducted by E! News found that 61.5 percent of respondents chose “Make it stop!” over “Gotta have it!”

E! News also noted that Nicole Richie has been wearing much more of her own collection lately, possibly in an attempt to compete with other labels debuting lines this week.

The abandonment of her normal Bohemian look and the new glam style could be part of the new, grown up Nicole Richie. She has stayed out of the spotlight more in recent years and taken on an image of caring parent instead of the hard-partying girl of the past. She is reportedly even a source of advice for other reality stars like Kourtney Kardashian.

You can check out Nicole Richie’s outfit to the Alma Awards here or her DuJour ensemble here.