Pope Francis, 79, Falls While Celebrating Mass in Poland

Pope Francis took a fall while celebrating mass in Poland.

The leader of the Roman Catholic universe, who is 79, had been celebrating a mass at the Jasna Gora monastery, in the town of Czestochowa, in honor of the country’s 1,050th anniversary of becoming a Catholic country.

According to People, Pope Francis proved that he might not literally be guided by the hand of God after the appearance of an all-too-scary fall that happened when the nearly-80-year-old pope missed an altar step. The mass, which the news outlet noted took place at “the country’s holiest site,” was able to carry on after the pope’s tumble.

Per local legend, the “Black Madonna of Czestochowa” painting has a special love for this Polish community, and has been credited with a number of faith-based miracles in the eyes of Catholic Church officials. This religious icon of the Virgin Mary, for this reason, is held with special reverence in this part of southern Poland, going as far back as the 14th Century, as noted by USA Today.

It would also seem that the Black Madonna of Czestochowa has again performed a miracle in keeping Pope Francis safe during his potentially tragic fall.

Shrine of Jasna Gora Poland’s Shrine of Jasna Gora monastery is widely regarded as one of the holiest locations in all of Poland. Could the Virgin Mary have helped the 79-year-old Pope Francis survive what could have been a very dangerous fall? [Photo by Christopher Furlong / Getty Images]Despite suffering from sciatica and having only one lung, Pope Francis, a native of Argentina, is “fine” after the tumble, a Vatican spokesperson noted. This news comes courtesy of USA Today.

“[Pope Francis] is in good condition [after his fall]. He did not even complain at all. He never said a word,” said Czestochowa Archbishop Waclaw Depo, noting that the pope’s fall was seemingly due to closing his eyes and missing a step. He was also, USA Today observed, carrying an incense holder at the time of the fall.

The pope’s reaction to the fall, the archbishop noted, also revealed an inner strength that not that many people get to see.

“[Pope Francis’] homily showed that the pope has strength and this strength he gets from the people,” Depo continued. Unfortunately, a fall of any kind can be dangerous for any person who is closing in on 80-years-old.

After the fall, Pope Francis was quick to provide an update on his own health via Twitter.


Pope Francis, who is regarded by many Catholics as one of the most popular pontiffs in recent memory due to many of his more liberal beliefs, touched down in Poland early this week to help celebrate “World Youth Day” in Krakow.

The pontiff, who happens to be the first non-European pope since Syria’s Pope Gregory III (died 741), told the New York Times that he has made it his personal mission to continue to promote a message of world peace, just as he did last year during his landmark U.S. visit to Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

Pope Francis Philadelphia Pope Francis celebrates mass on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia during his historic 2015 U.S. visit to celebrate the World Meeting of Families. [Photo by Carl Court / Getty Images]“The world is at war. We don’t need to be afraid to say this,” Pope Francis told the Times while en route to Poland.

“I am not speaking of a war of religions,” the pope continued, noting that his words were not in regards to the recent slew of religious and faith-based attacks worldwide in recent months. “Religions don’t want war. The OTHERS want war.”

The source of the conflict, the pope noted, is actually centered around a number of self-centered “interests,” such as attempts to gain more money, resources, and “domination of peoples.”

And unless this mindset is reversed, Pope Francis believes, it will lead to the fall of so much more than just a white-clad pontiff celebrating mass in Poland.

[Photo by Andrea Bonetti / Greek Prime Minister’s Office / Getty Images]