Bernie Sanders’ Clinton Endorsement: Bernie May Be Biding His Time

The Democratic National Convention was truly a very disheartening event for those of us who claim to be a part of the Democratic demographic of the United States. This may seem to be a reference to the immediate resignation of DNC leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but it is not. Her exit from the party’s head is a blessing to the nation.

Sanders Supporter [Photo By John Minchillo/AP Images]The hard work of the WikiLeaks and other institutions that promote government transparency simply verified a fact that we all suspected. The Democratic National Committee is (and has been for generations) an extremely corrupt entity, and Bernie Sanders should rightfully be given another shot at the Democratic nomination for President.

Shorty following Schultz’ resignation, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke on the topic. While his speech was certainly empowering to his supporters, the mood of the room took an immediate plunge when Sanders urged his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election.

Sanders Speech [Photo By Mike Groll/AP Images]After such a groundbreaking discovery, why is Bernie Sanders seemingly giving up the fight? This is what many Bernie backers felt in the moment. The crowd booed him for over a minute. What could all of this mean for the party’s future?

Let us take a step away from the situation and attempt to see things through pragmatic eyes. Bernie Sanders is a highly intelligent man. His age is nothing but an advantage for him. Experience certainly leaves its mark on a man throughout life, and Bernie Sanders is no exception. He was clearly robbed of the Democratic Nomination, and the whole Committee has been placed under a proverbial looking glass. Could it be that Bernie is very wisely “playing ball” with the establishment?

It would not be very profitable for Bernie to raise too much of a stink about the situation. He is wise to allow the DNC to apply their own band-aid to the wound. He then becomes the people’s martyr and living proof that the “system” is critically flawed. Sanders means to bring truth and change to the way things are run in the reigning U.S. Government. He may be sitting lightly in the chair of complacency to bide his time.

For Bernie Sanders to even have a chance in the 2020 elections, he has to gain the favor of the DNC. It is unknown who will replace Debbie Schultz as the head of the Democratic National Committee. Bernie is taking his place in history and making his name a daily stamp in the minds of Americans.

There is one very big flaw in this theory. Even if Bernie does run in the 2020 Presidential Elections, it is still very unlikely that he will win. Hilary Clinton or Trump would have to do a really horrible job in the office to swing the vote in Bernie’s favor. Otherwise, the Democratic incumbent will most likely grab the DNC’s nomination. The Senator would have to wait at least eight years to have a valid shot at the Presidency.

In 2024, Bernie Sanders will be 84-years-old. Currently, the oldest elected President of the U.S. is Ronald Reagan. He was 67-years-old when he was sworn into office. It seems the odds are stacked against this revolutionary politician. The future promises one thing, though. It will never be boring, and Bernie will never stop trying to rid the government of its corrupt components.

Bernie Sign
Photo By John Minchillo/AP Images

The next four years will prove extremely pivotal in building Sanders’ popularity no matter which way the election swings in November. The people will have a chance to see what the two forerunners of the race are really made from. They have both been proven to be sneaky snakes in the past.

[Photo via Mike Groll/AP Images]