Justin Bieber: Sports Hot Summer Fashion, May Never Go Near Wild Cats Again

Plutarc Sicat - Author

Feb. 20 2017, Updated 11:16 p.m. ET

Justin Bieber just started a new fashion trend by wearing tie-dye shorts instead of tie-dye shirts. GQ reports that he was caught strutting the new fashion while walking around in L.A. making a phone call on his cell phone. Of course, tie-dye is a throwback to the old Hippie culture and a very cool one at that since you can make it yourself like Bieber did with these official concert shirts.

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It would be way cooler if he tie-dyed the shorts himself too and then displayed them on Instagram for everyone to see. According to GQ, the shorts had a black and white pattern, although it tends to look more like blue and white in the picture. The source also made a bit of fashion critique, saying that the shorts should have been a lot less loose and shorter at the legs. GQ also suggested that Justin Bieber should have worn a different color t-shirt and a lower-rise pair of white sneakers.

Isn’t GQ ever the fashion critic? Still, it was gracious enough to recognize Justin Bieber as the fashion trendsetter that he is to millions of young men around the world. Of course, Justin isn’t perfect. If he does a faux pas every now and then, that’s completely okay.

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Just recently, he was in Florida, and Justin made the mistake of wearing only his white Calvin Klein underwear while going for a swim at the beach. As expected, the CK underwear turned see-through once it got wet, as Pierre Fitch News reports.

GQ would commend Justin Bieber for one more thing — wearing a black suit while skateboarding. That was in a GQ photo shoot, and apparently it was Bieber’s idea and not the fashion director’s at that time. Don’t forget to check out the Bieb’s fashion shoot, which is available in the GQ link at the beginning of this article.

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Do you know that Justin Bieber can’t be near wild cats and other wild animals again? As you probably guessed from his Instagram posts, he is a true blue wild animal lover. According to Teen Vogue, Bieber has had pet cats, dogs, and even a monkey. However, what got him into real trouble was when he Instagrammed himself with a grown-up Bengal tiger during his father’s engagement party in Toronto last spring.

As if Justin Bieber was not already aware that PETA was watching him, the “Sorry” singer would follow this up with another controversial selfie, this time by cuddling a baby lion at the backstage of his Purpose concert in Toronto. PETA spokeswoman Moira Colley says “Justin has a heart for animals and, like most people, just isn’t aware of what happens behind the scenes.”

After receiving warnings from Colley, Justin Bieber, and his manager Scooter Braun were served a letter from Toronto Animal Services, a response to which is yet to be received. The letter says that it’s illegal in Toronto to bring or be seen with a wild animal and that only cats are okay. Teen Vogue’s advice to Justin is to just view these wild animals from afar and make regular donations for their upkeep.

Daily News also reported on the story and quotes PETA’s position on the matter as follows.

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“No reputable animal-care facility lends out exotic animals for private parties and backstage Instagram photos. PETA hopes the authorities’ warning to Justin Bieber will remind people everywhere that lions and tigers are sensitive living animals, not selfie props.”

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The letter that Justin Bieber received only applies to Toronto, but it’s highly likely that other cities have similar laws. Having been served a notice, Bieber could end up distancing himself from wild animals from now on. It’s just one of many lessons he’s bound to learn while on tour, which is vital to Purpose. As Justin has disclosed before, the concert is all about making himself a better man, says GQ.

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