WWE News: Sasha Banks Vs Bayley Already In Tentative Plans For ‘WrestleMania 33’ In Orlando

It should go without saying that fans were very happy to see Bayley at WWE Battleground when she showed up as the mystery partner for Sasha Banks in her match with Charlotte and Dana Brooke. The crowd went nuts, so it’s kind of obvious that they loved it. Most assumed that this was the official call-up from WWE NXT for Bayley. However, she is set to remain on the yellow brand for a bit longer. The plan is to bring her up right after WWE SummerSlam.

This will give her time to have her match for the NXT Women’s Title against Asuka at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 2. The plan as of now is for Bayley to lose and then officially come up to the main roster sometime after WWE SummerSlam. It was widely assumed that Bayley would go to WWE SmackDown due to the need for top females on the show where WWE RAW already has many. However, that very well could change.

According to Cageside Seats, Sasha Banks vs Bayley has been in early talks for the WWE Women’s Title match at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida. The location makes perfect sense for both women as the WWE NXT system is based out of there, as well as the WWE Performance Center. They worked at Full Sail University for NXT shows in the area and saw a variety of fans there, but the small arena at Full Sail will not even come close to the WrestleMania crowd.

Bayley Sasha Brooklyn [Image via WWE]The history between both women makes this match mean a lot. We’ve seen them work together a few times, and each time they performed in a one-on-one match, they stole the show and were absolutely brilliant. The matches they had in NXT are still talked about today because of how good they were.

That being said, a match between the two of them on the biggest stage possible would be ideal because WWE would be certain both women would deliver. Banks has been delivering on the main roster since she arrived and finally captured the WWE Women’s Championship for the first time after beating Charlotte this past week on WWE RAW. She was a former NXT Women’s Champion who lost that very title to Bayley.

The history is quite deep with both women. The story you could tell between them is vast and WWE fans who don’t know them as well will surely know them by the time WrestleMania comes around next year. On top of this, WWE will deliver more information on the two of them and their NXT days so that fans who didn’t see them there can actually know why this match means so much to the fans who DO know the history.

Banks Bayley Brooklyn [Image via WWE]Bayley, as a former NXT Women’s Champion herself, clearly deserves to go after gold on the main roster eventually. Banks took a long time to get to it, but it wasn’t her fault. This was mostly WWE holding her back for months so that they could have her work with Charlotte near or at WWE SummerSlam. It seems they are not wanting to do the same thing with Bayley when she finally hits the main roster.

Pro-wrestling experts have claimed that it seems very likely that Bayley could become the biggest female star the WWE has ever seen. This is taking Trish Stratus and Lita into consideration among several others. However, this is not as far-fetched as some would assume. The gimmick, mic work, and wrestling ability have always helped Bayley stand out above everyone else. The gimmick more than anything has helped her connect with literally every single demographic.

Little girls and women absolutely love her due to how real and genuine Bayley seems to be. Meanwhile, men like her not only due to her beauty but mainly her great ability in the ring. It is tough to gain the respect and love from any and all people the WWE wants to connect to. However, she has managed to do just that. When she arrived at WWE Battleground to be Sasha Banks’ mystery partner, the roof blew off the place. Imagine how things would go for her at a WrestleMania if she were to actually win.

[image via WWE]