It’s Over For ‘Bachelorette’ JoJo And Jordan Rodgers: ‘They’re Not Together,’ Says Reality Steve

JoJo Fletcher will hand out her final rose on the August 1 Bachelorette season finale and will accept a massive Neil Lane engagement ring from one of the two suitors she fell in love with this season.

However, a new report indicates that her engagement was brief and fans will hear about her breakup on the live After the Final Rose special that airs right after Monday night’s finale.

How long after the final rose ceremony was taped did JoJo break off her engagement, and how solid are the sources that point to one of the fastest breakups in Bachelorette history?

Here’s the latest on JoJo Fletcher’s current relationship status and what she has to say about her future plans after the Bachelorette.

[Warning — Bachelorette season finale spoilers ahead]

JoJo Fletcher Bachelorette Final Rose

According to ABC, JoJo admits on the season finale that she fell in love with both Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers and is torn over who to choose.

Both men will propose to JoJo at the final rose ceremony, but spoilers point to her rejecting Robby’s proposal and accepting what Life & Style reports is an $80,000 diamond engagement ring from former NFL player Jordan Rodgers.

The final rose ceremony was taped in Thailand in late May and since then there have been multiple reports about Jordan Rodgers’ past infidelities, but Us Weekly reports that Jordan denied the allegations, telling JoJo during a one-on-one date that he never cheated on his ex.

Although there has been speculation that after taping wrapped up JoJo would end her relationship with Jordan after she learned more about his past, it wasn’t until this week that blogger Reality Steve all but confirmed that JoJo and Jordan are no longer engaged, stating that his sources are “close to the situation.”

Jordan Rodgers Bachelorette Season 12
Jordan Rodgers [Image via ABC/Matt Klitscher]

Although Steve states that he “can’t get into the details” about JoJo and Jordan’s breakup, his sources state that JoJo “dumped him” and he trusts his sources.

“This has been coming too loud and too often to ignore. I trust these sources who have told me this. Put it this way, I’ve had way more people tell they aren’t together anymore than ones that said they are. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is saying everything is great, they’re in love, and things are working out perfectly… lets just say some of these people are pretty close to the situation.”

When asked by a Twitter follower if he was speculating about the breakup, Reality Steve stated that it’s his job “not to guess,” so it sure sounds like he has some solid information about the breakup.

Now the big question is — will JoJo reveal that the relationship is over during the After the Final Rose special or wait a few weeks until the media attention dies down?

Reality Steve thinks it could go either way, but whatever happens, fans can count on the whole thing to be dictated by producers. After all, JoJo is still under contract to be a puppet for ABC and the network’s focus is getting great ratings — the end of JoJo’s love story isn’t their concern.

“Do you think ABC will script out what is said on ATFR? Make them say they are together even if they aren’t??” a reader asked Steve during a Twitter Q&A on Thursday.

“[I] wouldn’t be surprised,” Steve replied. “From everything I’m hearing, they’re not together. So would doubt anything else they show us.”

“If they are together, I think they might just be telling us that to protect their pride. There’s just too many things I’ve heard over the past 3-4 weeks or so that suggest not everything is perfect in their world.”

If JoJo’s journey to find love did end in heartbreak, she seems to be doing fine now. In a recent interview with Glamour, the 25-year-old Texas beauty says that she is “really happy” and would consider going on Dancing with the Stars if asked.

Find out what JoJo Fletcher’s has to say about her relationship with Jordan Rodgers on the live After the Final Rose special that airs at 10 p.m. ET on Monday, August 1, right after two-hour Bachelorette finale.

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