‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Zakiyah Fuming After Paulie’s Encounters With Other Women In The BB18 House Spark Jealousy [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 houseguest Zakiyah is jealous Paulie is interacting with other women in the BB18 house.

An overabundance of showmances have taken shape in the Big Brother 18 house this year, with Nicole and Corey falling for one another, James and Natalie flirting incessantly, and Zakiyah and Paulie hitting it off almost instantly.

Because the Big Brother game is filled with all kinds of individuals cooped up in a house together for a long period of time, jealousies, insecurities, and other such issues can arise when houseguests outside a romantic coupling are seen as a threat.

Wednesday night, jealousy reared its ugly head when Zakiyah felt Paulie was being disrespectful by letting other female houseguests touch him. Chatter on CBS All Access live feeds revealed the discord and what exactly led to this dissension.

Joker’s Updates reports Zakiyah was overly upset because Natalie touched Paulie’s hands.

As previously reported by TheInquisitr, this is not the first time Zakiyah has been concerned about a possible attraction between Paulie and Natalie. So this most recent situation may have been enough to reinforce Zakiyah’s beliefs about the two liking one another.

Apparently, Zakiyah’s issue with Paulie became even greater when Nicole began playing with Paulie’s hair and some innocent leg-touching was involved. According to Joker’s Updates, Nicole could feel the tension that arose from the encounter and later approached Zakiyah to ask if she was upset. Zakiyah proclaimed she was not mad at Nicole, but was “mad at him [Paulie].”

Nicole reassured Zakiyah saying she sees Paulie as a brother and not anything else. Joker’s Updates reports this did not seem to help, as Zakiyah asserted:

He’s doing it to me on purpose. It’s like he allows it to happen. He allows Nat Nat [Natalie] to come and touch his hands, and rub his legs, do whatever… Because he knows I’m going to see it and I’m going to act on it.”

Zakiyah continued:

“…He did stuff earlier today with Nat Nat. She was feeling on his hands and stuff saying, ‘I’m going to cut your cuticles’ and do all this stuff… And I was like… ‘That’s so cute!’ and then walked away.”

Joker’s Updates further reports that Zakiyah described Paulie as “the tree” she’s marked and now her “tree is just letting… dogs… all over him!” She noticed Nicole’s look of shock and quickly said to her, “Not to say that you’re a dog…” and “First… Nat Nat, then you…” Zakiyah noted, “I was on this tree.”

In the meantime, Paulie was in the Head of Household (HOH) room telling Natalie that Zakiyah is acting like a child. As James, Nicole, and Corey entered, he tells them because he’s “an athlete… girls try to pull…” these types of stunts. Joker’s Updates reports Paulie also said he is not willing to deal with this type of drama.

According to Big Brother Feedster, Zakiyah believes Paulie became jealous when Victor scratched her back, so she’s going to do whatever she can to make him feel bad for putting his leg on Natalie.

All of this has Da’Vonne worried, as she believes the tiff between Zakiyah and Paulie could split the house, according to Big Brother Feedster. She told Paulie to calm things down when it comes to the other women in the house because Zakiyah may go off the deep end and join the other side.

Big Brother Feedster reports Da’Vonne further told Paulie she’s trying to “get Zakiyah to stop” so Zakiyah isn’t seen like Caleb from Season 16, who was portrayed as being obsessed with fellow houseguest Amber.

Ironically, although a definite chill was in the air when they encountered one another, Zakiyah was seen on live feeds getting into bed with Paulie in the London room. She placed her head on his chest and hugged him, as if nothing had gone on before. Nevertheless, it is clear from their demeanor and the serious and sullen look on Zakiyah’s face that neither she nor Paulie is content.

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