‘American Horror Story’ Teaser Haunts The Web With Creepy Clues [Video]

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American Horror Story isn’t as far off as some fans may be expecting. The season premiere will be a month sooner this year, and while we still don’t have a title for this season, as we have in past years, a new American Horror Story teaser makes up for that. The collection of teasers is something new as well, because creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk usually play things pretty close to the vest, and this glimpse gives fans some hefty clues pretty early on. Remember that first teaser for American Horror Story: Hotel? Basically Lady Gaga’s hand? This is much, much more revealing.

Will Season 6 Of American Horror Story Circle Back To Murder House?

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As far as American Horror Story teasers go, this one is pretty revealing, but is it giving us too much information too soon, as Entertainment Weekly suggests. The teaser opens on a secluded farmhouse with black smoke billowing out of the chimney to form the shape of a six, followed by a question mark. This is pretty clear. It’s of course telling us that this is the teaser for American Horror Story Season 6, but is it telling us that the season’s full title hasn’t been revealed yet? Or, is that question mark suggesting that the new American Horror Story season will have no title?

In either case, the teaser moves on to reveal what are presumably clues to the plot of Season 6, with an evil baby laying in a crib, looking up at a mobile made of weapons and farm tools. Here again, there is the six and the question mark repeated, leading one to think there’s greater significance to these symbols. This is followed by a girl running, possibly escaping some danger. That idea is reinforced by the hands coming out through what appears to be the spaces in a staircase and grabbing the girl’s ankles. She screams, as the teaser closes by again showing the six and the question mark.

Many American Horror Story theorists are passing around the idea that Season 6 will tie in with Season 1, American Horror Story: Murder House, by telling the story of baby Michael. This was the baby Vivian (Connie Britton) delivered at the end of the season, and as the entire family ended up as spirits confined to the house, Constance (Jessica Lange) took it upon herself to raise the boy. It’s suggested that Michael was tainted by the evil of Murder House and, as a result, Constance was forced to move him out to the country, where he couldn’t harm others. Of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way, as this young, female victim suggests in the teaser.

More American Horror Story Theories To Keep You Up At Night

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Fans of Ryan Murphy’s other horror anthology series, Scream Queens, know that he loves to drop nods to horror films of the past, littering scenes with Easter eggs that only true horror fans will catch and US Weekly suggests this tradition has been carried on in the new American Horror Story teasers. In this short look at season 6, we see references to a number of highly successful horror film franchises, starting with the farmhouse and surrounding cornfield.

While the above theory for season 6 tying in with the first season of American Horror Story seems the most popular, fans are forgetting Murphy’s earlier remarks that the new installment would have something to do with children. Perhaps this is why the new American Horror Story teaser looks quite similar to a scene from Children of the Corn. Could Lady Gaga be She Who Walks Behind The Rows?

The setting is also reminiscent of the farmhouse seen in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the buzzing sound heard later on in this American Horror Story teaser adds substance to that theory, along with the scene of the girl trying to escape from that house.

Might this be another haunted house, though? This is yet another theory with fans noting the hands reaching out from behind the staircase ala the Wes Craven-directed The People Under the Stairs. If so, what role might the baby play? Much like that number six and question mark, the baby seems to play a significant role in the plot of Season 6 of American Horror Story.

Lady Gaga also shared another video in which every AHS teaser has been strung together:

American Horror Story:? will premiere on Wednesday, September 14 on FX.

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