‘So Hung Over And Have A Section Full Of N*****s Right Now’: Waitress Fired After Racist Snapchat Rant

A Cheddar’s waitress from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was fired after sending a racist Snapchat message to a group of people, according to the Daily Mail. The unidentified waitress sent a Snapchat message to a group as she worked at the restaurant on Sunday. The young woman took a series of selfies and indicated that she was having a rough time at work because she was “hung over.” She also indicated she was unhappy because she had a “section full of n*****s” that she had to wait on at the time.

An unnamed Cheddar’s waitress from Tennessee posted the racist rant to Snapchat after she was seemingly upset about having to work with a hangover while serving a group of African American people from a local church. To make her point clear, the waitress posted a selfie of herself looking vexed as she called the group a bunch of “n*****s.” Interestingly, the waitress did not seem to realize that one of the people she included on the racist Snapchat message was actually sitting at the table with the group she had referred to with the racial slur. One of the young women in the group eating at Cheddar’s says that the waitress talked with them and seemingly was having a great time serving them at the restaurant as she cracked jokes with the group from a local Baptist church, who had gone to the restaurant after service for a meal.

Chelsea Anne, a member of the church group who says she is lucky to be “one of those n*****s” the waitress was referring to, notes that all of the people at her table tipped very generously as they felt the waitress had done a great job and was very personable with the group. However, her enthusiasm for the waitress was quickly shattered when a friend in the group opened her Snapchat and saw their waitress posting the racist message.

“After church a few fellow First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro TN college choir members and I decided to go to Cheddars as we do very often. After patiently waiting 30 minutes to be seated, we were placed in this lovely lady’s section. The funny part about this was she was “friends” with one of us that sat at this table. She smiled laughed and joked with us all as we enjoyed our meals. Being that we were pleased with the service on a busy day, we each GENEROUSLY tipped her and went on about our day. So imagine how extremely disheartening it was to see this circulating only hours later.”


While Chelsea says it was upsetting to see the racist post, she isn’t angry at the waitress and says instead she feels sorry for her. Chelsea says instead of hating the waitress, she is going to continue to love her and pray for her. Her response to the racist statements left many praising her attitude with some even comparing her to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Though Chelsea is going to continue to love the waitress and harbors no hard feelings about the incident, Cheddar’s doesn’t feel the same way. The restaurant says the waitress was suspended for the offensive Snapchat post and eventually fired after an investigation into the matter.

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What do you think about Chelsea Anne’s loving response to the waitress and her racist rant?

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