Jesse Ventura Considers Running For President, Offers Howard Stern VP Spot

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is strongly considering a run for the presidency in 2016, according to the Examiner. If Ventura has any say in the matter, he wants shock jock and American’s Got Talent judge Howard Stern as his vice president.

“The people of America have got to show me something before I put my ass out there,” Ventura said during his appearance on the Howard Stern Show last Monday. “They gotta show me they want me. If the people of the United States will — grass roots, no money — get me ballot access in all 50 states, rise up and guarantee I can be in the debate? If they could accomplish that for me, I would run in 2016.”

After announcing his potential bid for president, Ventura then turned his attention to Stern.

“How ’bout if you run with me? I’m serious.” Stern, who is a pretty busy guy right now, said that he would consider the invitation.

During a recent event for the New York University College Libertarians, Ventura also touched on his bid for the presidency in 2016. “Who knows, in 2016 it could be Ventura and Stern,” he said, stating that the Stern in question was, in fact, the infamous Howard Stern.

Should Ventura and Stern find themselves in the White House, the former professional wrestler already has a plan of action in the works. “The first thing we’re going to do, ” said Ventura. “We’re going to get rid of the Patriot Act. Second of all, I would absolutely cut defense spending to help balance the budget. I would also close all these massive bases throughout the world that we don’t need. And I would work diligently to get a Constitutional Amendment to overthrow that Supreme Court thing that said corporations are the same as individuals, and that money is free speech? The only way to stop that is to amend the Constitution now.”

Do you think Jesse Ventura would make a good president? Would you cast your vote for the Ventura/Stern ticket?