#SaveMarinaJoyce: Beauty Vlogger Marina Joyce Interviewed By Philip DeFranco, Blames ‘Spiritual Journey’ For Change In Behavior

marina joyce

Like many others, journalist and YouTube personality Philip DeFranco was mostly unaware of whom Marina Joyce was before Tuesday.

Now, following a myriad of inquisition from the media, and from fans of Joyce who used the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce to uncover the truth about current level of personal safety, the SourceFed CEO and host of The Philip DeFranco Show has sat down with the English beauty vlogger, via Skype, to get her side of the story.

The 12-minute conversation, which came hours after another eye-opening interview with The Sun, was shared Wednesday night as a bonus video to DeFranco’s daily PDS. The conversation that took place between the two viral celebrities was, at times, filled with peculiar and oft-repeated responses from Joyce as she attempted to quell the worry of her many followers.

“I [didn’t] realize just how concerned everyone was for me,” the 19-year-old shared with DeFranco, “and [because of #SaveMarinaJoyce], I’m [close to hitting] 1 million subscribers [on my YouTube channel]! I now realize I have to be smart with every move I make because I’m only used to having 600,000 subscribers.”

marina joyce
After asking Marina how she was feeling at that exact moment (“I’m feeling very good today,” she stated with a smile and a thumbs-up sign. “How are you?”), Phil inquired deeper about the visible bruises that Joyce claimed, during a Tuesday live stream that was noted by the Inquisitr, came from an “accident.”

“I went to [a] forest [recently], and I smacked into something,” Marina said. “I had quite a fall, [and] I bruise quite easily, and, yeah. It wasn’t [a] very good [experience].”

DeFranco then asked about the very obvious personality change that Joyce has displayed in her latest YouTube videos. According to her, the reason for her loss of focus and extremely toned-down attitude has to do with her recently becoming a Christian.

“I had this whole spiritual quest in my life,” she stated. “I realize [that] I shouldn’t have [kept that from] my viewers. I’ve made a lot of mistakes on YouTube, but I believe that most of my mistakes have [been] cancelled out because people care for me so much, and because [I’ve been] saved.”

Joyce also added that much of the public outcry over her safety has mostly come from recent subscribers who don’t know who or how she was before the now-infamous “Date Outfit Ideas” video that started the #SaveMarinaJoyce debacle.

“I made a video with [fellow YouTuber] Deji, and because of [his followers now following me], I had new viewers who had these new opinions about me.”

Understandably, Phil, albeit sympathetic to her responses, found it rather odd that a switch in religion could cause such a noticeable change in a way a person acted on camera. When pressed on the issue, Marina seemed oblivious to the skittish nature in her “Date Outfit Ideas” video, even though it was a mirror image of how she was coming across at that exact moment.

“I actually thought I was okay in the [‘Date Outfits Idea’] video,” she expressed with a shrug. “Every video I try to make, I try to make it as normal as possible, but I think that people’s views [about me] just change [over time].”

One thing that isn’t to blame for her own change, however, is drug use; at least, according to Joyce. When faced with comments made by several other YouTube personalities that say she is a hardcore drug user who imbibes in MDMA (Ecstacy) and acid, Marina adamantly swore that it wasn’t the case.

“I would never do that,” she says, “mainly because of my viewers — and I really care about my viewers — so that’s why [I wouldn’t]. I know what happens to people [who do drugs], and it’s very dangerous. I care about myself, I care about my body. I care about what goes into [it], and I wouldn’t do anything like that.”

[Images via Marina Joyce/Facebook and Philip DeFranco/Facebook]