Amber Portwood Suffers Miscarriage — ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Allegedly Using Prescription Pills

Amber Portwood is set to get married in just a few months. She has been dating Matt Baier for almost two years after meeting him on a social networking site. He had apparently tried to get the attention of Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans first, but eventually settled on Portwood. Since their relationship began, things have been tumultuous for the couple. Portwood was blindsided by the number of children Baier had and didn’t take care of, though she will never admit to it. Despite all of the ups and downs, the two will still be walking down the aisle in October.

Teen Mom OG is returning in just a few weeks, and Amber Portwood is going to be sharing a lot with fans. There has been some talk about the intentions Matt Baier has with marrying the reality star, especially since she is several years his junior. Portwood has been rather quiet on social media lately, prompting rumors that something was wrong. According to Teen Mom Daily, Amber Portwood recently suffered a miscarriage. The report alleges that the baby was lost due to a prescription drug addiction, something that wouldn’t be far-fetched for the recovering addict. It indicates the information came from a lawyer in the Teen Mom franchise and that the incident will play out on the upcoming season.

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The last several years have been tough for Amber Portwood. She made some bad decisions when she was younger and ended up serving time in prison. Since then, Portwood has appeared in a much better place physically and mentally, but she is still picking up the pieces of her broken life. Regaining visitation with her daughter Leah has been a tough battle. She wants to do so much with her but is restricted by her father, Gary Shirley. He has relaxed a bit since Portwood was released from prison, but not as much as she would like. Matt Baier has several children with different women, but this child would have been the first for the soon-to-be married couple. There are rumors circulating that he is incredibly upset with Portwood over the loss of their baby and has treated her badly since it happened. Despite what people think of this couple, losing a child is not something easily dealt with. Since the information has not been made public yet, fans aren’t sure what to believe.

There has been a lot of talk regarding Amber Portwood and her choice to be with Matt Baier. Several bad things have come out about him since they went public with their relationship, and she doesn’t even act phased. If she was indeed pregnant with his child, fans were questioning what she would do if he left her like he allegedly did the other women. There was some hope that Portwood had learned her lesson about life while in prison, but it appears she has not gotten there with Baier yet. Her decisions have been questionable lately, especially the house-flipping business. Portwood was hit with a significant tax lien not too long ago and it appears it was not handled.

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Losing a child is not easy and Amber Portwood is likely still dealing with emotions from that experience. She had not publicly confirmed she was pregnant, but it has been reported by several sites. If Portwood is no longer sober and her prescription drug addiction caused the loss of her baby, it may put her over the edge. Fans are hoping she sought help and that there was at least minimal support from Matt Baier. Amber Portwood has spent a lot of her life wanting the approval of others and now she needs to focus on getting herself healthy before she takes what others say to heart.

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