‘Reality Steve’ Suggests ‘Bachelorette’ Star Robby Hayes Is Gay, Stirs Up Hate With Homophobic Rant — Did He Go Too Far?

Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes has been making headlines all season amidst accusations of lying and fame-seeking, but that’s mild gossip compared to blogger Reality Steve‘s suggestion that the former competitive swimmer is gay.

Cracking jokes about the cast of the Bachelorette is a given — it’s easy to find humor in the overproduced process of finding a husband. After all, more than two dozen guys competed for an opportunity to propose to JoJo Fletcher after spending just a few hours — or less — with her.

However, is spreading rumors about someone’s sexuality the way to go, especially when it’s based on a contestant’s choice of clothing? That’s exactly what Reality Steve did in one of his recent blog posts and it’s just plain ugly.

JoJo Fletcher and Robby Hayes Bachelorette 2016 JoJo and Robby Hayes [Image via ABC Television Network]Not only did Steve, who spoils the Bachelor franchise shows for a living, make multiple references to Hayes being gay, but he also made sure to get validation from the one guy who says just about anything to garner attention — Bachelorette Season 12 villain Chad Johnson.

Chad doesn’t have a filter on social media — or on TV. During Monday night’s overnight dates episode, Johnson bashed Robby on Twitter, stating that if he had to watch Hayes “pretend to like women for one more second on The Bachelorette” he would blow his “head off.”

Robby quickly responded, tweeting that he had been waiting for Chad “to do that” and added the hashtag “mrirrelevant” to describe the Oklahoma real estate agent.


It didn’t take long for Reality Steve to climb aboard Chad’s hate train and bash Robby Hayes on his blog. Although he is known for writing sarcastic blog posts about the shows that fall under the Bachelor franchise, he went too far with his homophobic comments.

Before the overnight dates aired, Steve wrote, “We are just days away from you [Robby] continuing to show all the doubters out there that you actually like women.”

He continued with a recap blog about the Fantasy Suite dates and pointed out the clothing Robby was wearing during his date with JoJo, hinting at Chad’s gay comment.

“When they arrived at dinner, Robby didn’t do a whole hell of a lot to dispel that notion by rocking the tightest pair of white skinny jeans this side of, well, any of the top 4 guys, along with loafers and no socks. If he only could’ve worn a matching scarf and Johnny Weir Kentucky Derby hat, he could’ve completed the ensemble.”

In addition to slamming Robby for his clothing choices, Reality Steve continued on with his homophobic rant and stated that the Fantasy Suite was a place where Robby could prove that he wanted to spend the night with someone who wasn’t female.

“Robby, this is your chance to prove to Chad and a lot of skeptics out on social media that you aren’t wishing you were spending the night with someone not named JoJo. And not a female. So go get some buddy.”

As if tearing Robby apart for his clothing and speaking for the “skeptics” on social media wasn’t enough, Steve went on to say that when Robby said he would get to “dream with JoJo” during their overnight date, he could have been dreaming about Jordan instead.

Whatever the back story is about Robby, or any of the guys who appeared on the Bachelorette this season, Steve was way out of line with his unfounded assumptions about Robby’s sexual preferences.

bachelorette jojo's final four guys Luke, Robby, Jordan, and Chase [Image via ABC Television Network]“You’re going to dream with her?” Steve wrote in his recap blog. “Well what if in her dream, she’s dreaming about mounting Jordan? Then how are you going to feel? Then again, it’s possible your dream might be eerily similar, so yeah, you know what? You’re right Robby. Maybe you are dreaming with JoJo. My bad.”

In an effort to downplay his comments about Robby, he made it clear that he wasn’t alone with his thoughts about Robby being gay. In addition to using Chad’s ridiculous tweet as backup, he told his readers that he’s not “the only one” who drop hints about Robby pretending, as Chad stated, “to like women.”

“Hey, lets be honest, just peruse Bachelorette related tweets on Monday nights and you’ll see that Chad certainly isn’t the only one who thinks that,” Steve told his readers. “I think I’ve heard or seen that at least once every single week since the show has started.”

Since when did a show that is supposed to be about love turn into a reason to spread rumors about someone’s sexuality? Although the majority of the connections made on the Bachelor franchise shows end up being more about fame than love, why stir up hate? There’s enough of that going on in the news — let viewers have their reality TV getaway without the heavy baggage.

[Image via ABC/Matt Klitscher]