Get Used To Calling Captain America ‘Mr. President’

Steve Rogers is trading in his superhero duds for the trappings of the President of the United States of America. Though the real-life presidential election leaves something to be desired for many disgruntled voters, the wish fulfillment nature of the comic book medium is allowing Marvel Comics to give our country the president we need and deserve: None other than Captain America himself.

Captain America is one of Marvel’s best-known characters. He got his start knocking out Adolf Hitler in his comic introduction in 1941 and successfully crossed media with his recent big-screen debut in Captain America: The First Avenger, thereafter leading a team of misfits in Marvel’s highly lucrative superhero ensemble flick, The Avengers.

In Marvel Comics’ alternate reality series The Ultimates, the US has been torn apart by factionalism, anti-mutant hysteria, and secession, according to MSN. Who better to heal the nation that solider, national icon, and superhero Captain America?

Steve Rogers, aka “Captain America,” will win the presidential election as a write-in candidate in issue No. 15 due out in October. Sam Humphries, the writer of the storyline, called Captain America’s presidency the next logical step in his role as “America’s defender,” a role he has held since his debut in WWII.

“Cap is answering the call of the people. This is not the first time he’s stood up for an America in crisis. This is a further evolution in his role as America’s defender, from soldier to superhero to president,” Humphries said. “He didn’t ask for this position, but if it helps him reunite America, then he’ll take on the job.”

President Cap won’t identify with either the Republican or Democratic Party, notes EW, an interesting and subtle message in today’s highly partisan culture. So what can we expect out of President Captain America?

“Cap has been elected to do a job, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to reunite America. He doesn’t see his place as having press conferences in rose gardens, he sees his place as out in the field,” Humphries said. “This will result in a unique and thrilling presidency we’ve never seen before, in history or in fiction.”

Cap will take the oath of office in issue No. 16 due out in October.