A rogue boulder kills a Sprint executive

Thomas Murphy, 45, and his family were driving through Colorado when a boulder crashed through the windshield of the vehicle he was driving. The boulder, the size of a briefcase according to the Colorado State Patrol, knocked Murphy unconscious and cause moderate injuries to his eleven year old son.

Jennifer Murphy, Thomas’ wife, placed the SUV into neutral hoping that it would come to a halt while on a steep downgrade but unfortunately it took more than a mile the authorities said for her to bring it under control from the front passenger seat.

Murphy was transported to Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where he was pronounced dead. Their son, Ethan Murphy was reported to be in stable condition.

The Colorado State Patrol is investigating. Sgt. Rich Armstrong, public information officer for the patrol in Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle counties, said this is the first fatality involving a rock striking a vehicle for his troop this year. But he said such accidents happen fairly regularly.

“Unfortunately, in my opinion, it’s too common,” Armstrong said. “It’s one of the hazards of driving in Colorado.”

Source: Kansas City.com :: Sprint executive killed by a boulder

image credit: KansasCity.com