‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Houseguests Barrage A Shocked Bridgette With Revelations About Frank [Spoilers]

Cia Young

Big Brother 18 live feed information indicates houseguests are worried their number one target for eviction will find a way to survive and remain in the game, and thus they are scrambling to avoid this possible glitch in the house plan.

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, cast members went on a reconnaissance mission of sorts by separating Frank and Bridgette to give and receive dirt on each of their game play. What resulted was a seemingly shocked Bridgette, leaving Frank frustrated and bewildered.

According to Joker's Updates, Paul went on to say everyone wants Bridgette to stay in the Big Brother 18 house over Frank. He noted, they want Frank gone because they've seen how he has, at times, behaved inappropriately in the house, and they feel he is manipulating Bridgette. Paul emphasized to Bridgette that Frank is not a true friend, reminding her that Frank put her on the block once after winning a Big Brother Road Kill competition.

After the drama quelled slightly, Bridgette could be seen on live feeds sitting alone by the hot tub, dipping her feet in the warm water. She was heard on CBS All Access live feeds at around 5:40 a.m., talking to herself about being gullible and too trusting. Frank eventually sat down next to Bridgette and the two seemed to reconcile, with Frank informing her what the others said was untrue. After a while, Bridgette could be heard saying, "I believe you Frank. It's OK."

[Image via CBS]